Draperstown (Richard Beattie) Mart: Bullocks sell to £1,430 for 680kgs

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There was a good turnout of cattle at Richard Beattie’s Draperstown Mart which saw a brisk trade and cattle prices continuing to rise.

Prices as follows:

Bullocks: Kenneth Brown, £1,430/680kgs, £1,355/670kgs, £1,195/620kgs, £1,125/490kgs, Laurence Canning, £1,295/580kgs, £1,165/510kgs,£1,125/570kgs, Shane Burke £1,280/610kgs, £1,195/570kgs, £1,185/530kgs, £1,150/560kgs, £1,050/450kgs, £1,030/450kgs, £970/440kgs, John McLaughlin £1,215/570kgs, £1,210/550kgs, £1,150/570kgs, £1,100/520kgs, £1,100/520kgs, £1090/5560kgs, £1,090/510kgs, £1,090/530kgs, £1,060/560kgs, £1,000/480kgs, £960/430kgs, C and R Patrick £1,195/520kgs, £1,150/490kgs, £1,120/490kgs, W Thompson £1,095/560kgs, K Brown £975/470kgs, J McGurk £880/340kgs, £795/330kgs, £780/340, 3760/330kgs.

Heifers: K Brown £1,325/620kgs, £1,250/610kgs, £1,245/620kgs, £1,240/590kgs, £1,200/570kgs, £1,200/590, £1,165/560kgs, £1,110/550kgs, R and C Patrick £1,320/600kgs, P Quinn £1,250/530kgs, £1,120/500kgs,£1,040/490kgs, £1,000/500kgs, £1,000/490kgs, £975/520kgs, £900/440kgs, J McLaughlin £1,130/550kgs, £1,100/520kgs, £1,065/520kgs, £1,055/520kgs, £1,040/490kgs, £1,040/510kgs, £1,035/490, £1,000/520kgs, £1,000/540kgs, £1,000/490kgs, £970/470kgs, £960/450kgs, £950/470kgs, £920/460kgs,£910/480kgs, W Thompson £1,065/560kgs, £1,060/530kgs, £1,050/540kgs, £1,015/560kgs, £995/560kgs, T McKenna £1,180/510kgs, £925/470kgs, £900/360kgs, £855/370kgs, L McKenna £1,055/520kgs, M Doyle £950/450kgs. B O’Neill £955/430kgs, £920/420kgs, £895/390kgs, £895/400kgs, £880/480kgs, Wm Davis £920/540kgs.

Male weanlings: S McCloskey, £1,015/460kgs, £1,010/450kgs, £985/420kgs,£960/400kgs, £900/430kgs, £795/400kgs. C McLaughlin, £770/290kgs,£740/290kgs, £690/300kgs, C Warnock £690/290kgs, £685/280kgs, £585/220kgs, P McKenna £620/370kgs, J McNally £555/240kgs.

Weanling heifers: R and S Mawhinney £875/440kgs, £820/380kgs,£780/390kgs, £770/370kgs, £760/380kgs, £745/370kgs, £740/370kgs, £720/360, £700/350kgs, £680/350kgs, £665/360kgs, £665/360kgs, £595/330kgs, J O’Connor £795/320kgs, £740/310kgs, J McNally £795/290kgs. S McCloskey £790/310kgs, £780/360kgs, £745/330kgs, £745/310kgs, £725/320kgs, £695/350kgs, £695/340kgs, £685/340kgs, £675/270kgs, £590/310kgs, £500/270kgs, B Hughes £710/290kgs,£565/240kgs, £555/270kgs, £465/200kgs, M Doyle £685/300kgs, P McKenna £645/320kgs, £630/350kgs.

Sucklers: There was a strong trade for quality suckler pairs.

Cow with calf at foot sold to a top of £2,000 for L Nugent, H O’Hagan sold to £1,500 and £1,510. Edward McKeever sold to £1,320 and £1,235.

Fat cows: K McOscar £1,300.50/850kgs, P Quinn £1,277.50/730kgs, £1,159.20/720kgs, J Millar £1,215/750, £1,183.40/610kgs, R Stewart £1,124.8/740kgs, W Johnston £1,084.20/780kgs, Brackenhill Farms NI, £1,080.80/560kgs, D Rafferty £1,049.60/640kgs, £989.40/510kgs, A Quinn £1,034.80/520kgs, C McCullagh £967.20/620kgs, M McCrory £966/700kgs, P Molloy £963.8/610kgs, W Johnston £963.60/660kgs, R Tomkins £958.10/670kgs N Gibson £932.40/630kgs.