Draperstown (Richard Beattie) Mart: Bullocks sell to £1,495/760kg

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A large show of stock sold to an outstanding trade in all sections.

Bullocks sold to £1,495/760kg, heifers sold to £1,370/640kg, weanlings sold to up to £1,170 and fat cows sold to £1610/920kg.


Fergus Ferguson £1,495/760kg, £1,430/740kg, Sean McCann £1,405/700kg, £1,390/700kg, £1,390/700kg, £1,350/670kg, £1,280/630kg, Seamus McDonnell £1,380/670kg, £1,310/630kg, £1,295/690kg, £1,275/680kg, £1,270/670kg, £1,220/610kg, R Canavan £1,320/650kg, £1,210/600kg, B Quinn £1,270/590kg, £1,240/600kg, Samuel Jackson £1,225/590kg, B Quinn £1,210/590kg, £1,205/570kg, £1,200/590kg, £1,185/570kg, £1170/590kg, Agnes Kelly £1,200/540kg, £1,195/540kg, Seamus McDonnell £1,185/680kg, £115/610kg, £1,165/630kg, £1,160/630kg, £1160/590kg, £1,155/690kg, Agnes Kyles £1,185/540kg, £1,155/530kg, R Canavan £1,170/590kg, Terence Duffin £1,160/590kg and Thomas Jeffers £1,150/490kg.


B Quinn £1,370/640kg, £1,275/590kg, £1,250/650kg, Seamus McCrory £1,275/680kg, Brendan and Ryan Gormley £1,270/680kg, Darren Robinson £124/590kg, £1,205/620kg, Terence Duffin £1,220/620kg, Seamus McCrory £1200/640kg, £1,200/620kg, £1,190/610kg, £1,190/640kg, £1,170/660kg, £1,150/600kg, £1,145/570kg, Mervyn Wilkinson £1,180/660kg, Terence Duddin £1,170/610kg, J Morrison £1,170/590kg, Darren Robinson £1,150/620kg, John Brolly £150/610kg, William Moore £130/570kg, £1,130/580kg, £130/570kg, John Brolly £1,130/580kg, £1,120/600kg, Steven Robinson £1,125/560kg, Brendan and Ryan Gormley £1,120/600kg, Darren Robinson £1,110/590kg, Stephen Robinson £1,105/550kg, Seamus McCrory £1,100/580kg and William Moore £1,095/530kg, £1,090/540kg.


Eoin Loughran £1,170/500kg, £1,040/480kg, Danny McMaster £1,070/480kg, £1,005/470kg, £980/470kg, £925/480kg, Brian Graham £950/400kg, Eoin Loughran £950/420kg, £900/440kg, John McKenna £940/450kg, Philip Donaghy £880/410kg, James Molloy £870/410kg, F Kelly £870/390kg, Eric Connor £865/390kg, John Logan £865/390kg, Eoin Loughran £865/360kg, £840/400kg, Patrick Devlin £830/400kg, Philip Donaghy £830/400kg, Gerry O’Hagan £825/360kg, Danny McMaster £825/400kg, James Molloy £820/400kg, Shane McGlone £820/410kg, £810/420kg, £795/360kg, F Kelly £810/360kg, Hugh O’Hagan £805/340kg, Viven Black £800/380kg, Eric Connor £800/370kg, John Logan £800/380kg, Hugh O’Hagan £800/330kg, £795/330kg, F Kelly £800/360kg, Philip Biggar £785/340kg, John Loan £785/350kg and Hugh O’Hagan £780/340kg.


Thomas O’Neill £1,075/580kg, J Morrison £940/360kg, Eoin Loughran £935/460kg, Deerpark Collections £910/400kg, £885/460kg, Vivan Black £880/460kg, £860/400kg, Philip Donaghy £875/420kg, Patrick Devlin £870/380kg, Eoin Loughran £850/370kg, £840/390kg, F Kelly £830/350kg, £810/360kg, Shane McGlone £830/430kg, Philip Biggar £800/340kg, Patrick Devlin £800/350kg, Vivian Black £795/400kg,£790/340kg, £770/390kg, £755/350kg, Eoin Loughran £795/360kg, Deerpark Collections £785/420kg, Eoin Loughran £780/310kg, £780/320kg, James Molloy £750/350kg and B Quinn £760/310kg, £750/310kg, £750/300kg.


B Quinn £1610/920kg,Tony Kelly £1,228/640kg,£1203.30/630kg, George and William Annett £1,214.40/660kg, Bernard McKenna £1,211.80/830kg,George and William Annett £1,162.30/590kg, £1,092/600kg, £1,010.60/620kg, Eric Black £1,125.20/580kg, E Biggar £982.80/540kg, Peter McGarrity £963.90/810kg, E Biggar £941.70/730kg,Patrick Devlin £934.40/640kg, John McKenna £911.60/530kg, Henry Palmer £896/800kg, J Lennox £876.30/690kg, Thomas Jeffers £863.10/630kg, Crockataggart Farms £856.80/510kg, Peter McGarrity £850/680kg and R and S Mawhinney £812/580kg.