Draperstown (Richard Beattie) Mart: Bullocks sell to £1,575

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With a packed yard of stock bullocks sold to £252ppk and heifers sold to £253ppk last Friday (September 21st).

Prices as follows

John McCloskey £1,575/730kg, William Jeffers £1,390/570kg, £1,300/530kg, £1,295/540kg, £1,295/550kg, £1,290/520kg, £1,260/500kg, £1,260/570kg, £1240/540kg, Thomas Jeffers £1,320/630kg, Gareth Boyd £1,300/640kg, £1,275/610kg, P McGuigan £1,290/600kg, John Kelly £1,275/530kg, Edmund Ferguson £1,260/710kg, Ralph Ferguson £1,250/560kg, Seamus McAtamney £1,245/540kg, Gareth Boyd £120/570kg, Brian O’Kane £1,225/670kg, P McGuigan £1,225/570kg, Edmund Ferguson £1,225/670kg, W Jeffers £1,220/530kg, £1,210/480kg, £1,210/520kg, £1,200/620kg, £1,200/490kg, Wilbert McLenaghan £1,220/590kg, £1,195/560kg, Gareth Boyd £1,200/620kg, M Hughes £1,200/650kg, Thomas Steele £1,200/530kg, £1,200/550kg, £1,185/560kg, £1,180/530kg and Joseph Hardy £1,195/510kg.


Ralph Pickering £1,320/610kg, Paul Young £1,290/510kg, £1,255/550kg, Paul Young £Kane £1,250/600kg, D Hood £12kg, E Doris £/0/570kg, Edmund Ferguson £1,240/630kg, £1,200/640/kg,£1,160/600kg, Sean and B Bradley £1,185/540kg, E Doris £1,175/550kg, Brian O’Kane £1,170/550kg, Paul Young £1,165/530kg, Brian O’Kane £1,150/620kg, £1,095/560kg, £1,075/570kg, S Bradley £1,140/560kg, Ralph Pickering £1,130/570kg, Patrick Owens £1,115/500kg, £1,080/540kg, D Hood £1,115/540kg, £1,100/560kg, E Ferguson £1,100/560kg, Paul Young £1,075/460kg, Dermot Nugent £1,075/480kg, £1,065/570kg, £1,060/530kg, S and B Bradley £1,060/500kg, W Hamilton £1,060/520kg, £1,060/510kg and Brian O’Kane £1,060/550kg.


Kenneth McKinstry £1,232/700kg, James Chivers £1,217.20/680kg, £1,095/750kg, £1,087.50/750k, £1,077.30/810kg, £1,065.60/720kg, £1,062.60/690kg, Kenneth McKinstry £1,156.40/590kg, Paul Young £1,123.20/720kg, Francis Walls £1,101.60/810kg, Hugh O’Hagan £1,077.30/630kg, John Logan £1,040/650kg, E Biggar £1,027/790kg, Hugh Savage £1,014/780kg, £1,008/720kg, James Chivers £1,008/700kg, Sean O’Neill £962/740kg, £940.80/560kg, £923/710kg, Francis Walls £952/680kg, Brendan Walls £910/700kg, James Chivers £904.40/680kg, Michael Quinn £881.60/760kg, E Biggar £869.40/690kg, James Chivers £868/620kg, Laverne Black £864/640kg, Francis McErlean £858/600kg and M O’Kane £825/660kg.

A good entry of stock on Tuesday with calves selling to £990.


Alexander Moore £990/420kg,£875/330kg, P and A Miller £890/360kg, £890/320kg, £850/360kg, F and S Conway £860/390kg, Joseph Kerr £850/310kg, John Costello £845/350kg, £800/270kg, £760/290kg, £750/290kg, Raymond Lagan £820/290kg, £815/350kg, Hugh Lagan £815/320kg, Liam Nugent £800/310kg, F and A Conway £765/340kg,£680/300kg, Alexander Moore £740/330kg, £735/300kg, £720/270kg, £710/350kg, £700/390kg, John Costello £655/260kg, Liam Nugent £655/310kg, Ralph Pickering £650/240kg, C and M McCann £650/340kg, £635/310kg, F and A Conway £645/300kg, Raymond Lagan £635/270kg, Hugh Lagan £630/270kg and John Costello £600/270kg.


Alexander Moore £800/330kg, £770kg, £760/350kg, £760/330kg, £755/340kg, £720/350kg, £700/290kg, £700/260kg, £680/320kg, £675/280kg, £670/300kg, £665/310kg, John Costello £700/360kg, Hugh Lagan £700/300kg, Joseph Kerr £695/270kg, Liam Nugent £690/350kg, £650/280kg, £635/280kg, S Bradley £680/310kg, Hugh Lagan £670/320kg, £670/330kg, John Costello £655/260kg, £645/280kg, Alexander Moore £630/280kg, C and M McCann £615/290kg and F and A Conway £605/280kg.