Draperstown (Richard Beattie) Mart: Bullocks sell to £1,590 for 780kg

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Cattle prices still on the rise according to Friday’s trade at Richard Beattie’s Draperstown Mart.

Another large entry of stock sold to a fierce demand.

Bullocks sold to £1,590 for 780kg, heifers sold to £1,475 for 720kg, weanlings sold to up to £815, suckler cows sold to £1,520 and fat cows sold to £1,295.60 for 820kg.


Gilbert Crawford £1,590/780kg, £1,475/790kg, Eamon McAliskey £1,420/750kg, £1,270/670kg, £1,220/610kg, John Lynn £1,300/570kg, £1,200/540kg, Ralph Pickering £1,190/510kg, Seamus McAtamney £1,170/500kg, £1,165/520kg, £1,120/520kg, £1,110/490kg, £1,100/480kg, Robert Ferguson £1,170/520kg, Francis Devlin £1,150/540kg, £1,100/530kg, John Lynn £1,145/500kg, £1,070/440kg, Mary Warnock £1,130/570kg, James Chivers £1,085/540kg, Feargal McKenna £1,105/510kg, Robert Ferguson £1,100/540kg, £1,090/510kg, £1,075/500kg, £1,060/480kg, Ralph Pickering £1,075/480kg, Seamus McAtamney £1,050/480kg, Don McGurk £1,050/520kg, John Lynn £1,050/450kg, £1,040/450kg, £1,030/450kg, £1,010/470kg, C Dillon £1,035/450kg, £1,030/430kg, Don McGurk £1,025/530kg, Neill McGuckin £1,015/500kg, Neill McGuckin £1,015/450kg, William Hutchinson £1,010/570kg, £990/580kg, Robert Ferguson £1,000/490kg.


Gilbert Crawford £1,475/720kg, £1,430/680kg, £1,395/700kg, £1,205/650kg, £1,100/530kg, £1,080/540kg, Ralph Pickering £1,270/570kg, £1,095/500kg, £1,060/500kg, C Convery £1,140/570kg, £1,050/500kg, Philip McKnight £1,080/590kg, Sydney Dysart £1,070/540kg, £1,030/510kg, John Logue £989/630kg, G Crawford £965/470kg, £890/410kg, S Kealey £960/370kg, C Convery £960/510kg, R Pickering £960/480kg, £950/430kg, £910/440kg, £900/400kg, £900/450kg, Philip McKnight £900/520kg, Sydney Dysart £875/430kg, Martin Clarke £860/470kg, £835/350kg, Una Lee £810/390kg.


John McNamee £815/400kg, Peter O’Neill £805/370kg, £790/410kg, £760/360kg, £640/260kg, Daniel Convery £755/370kg, £715/370kg, £705/330kg, £605/290kg, David Brooks £520/240kg, £375/140kg.


Vincent McCloskey £675/360kg, £670/400kg, Peter O’Neill £640/330kg, David Brooks £595/280kg, £500/250kg, £440/280kg, £430/260kg, £415/280kg, Kevin Mullin £550/240kg, John Logue £500/250kg.


Martin Boone £1,520, £1,130, Philip McClelland £1,360, S Miller £1,280, £1,260, £1,190 and Philip McClelland £940.


D Wright £1,295.60/820kg, A Diamond £1,267.50/750kg, D Mullan £1,228.40/740kg, P Lennon £1,201/830kg, Kevin Mullan £1,155/770kg, Peter McGarrity £1,152.90/630kg, Patrick Loughran £1,122.20/620kg, Chris McErlean £1,076.40/780kg, Patrick Loughran £1,065.30/670kg, Hugh Lennox £1,064/700kg, Michael McCann £1,050.80/740kg, Chris McErlean £1,029.60/7120kg, Ian McAleese £984.20/740kg, W Spence £978.20/670kg, Brendan Kelly £972.40/680kg, Brendan McHenry £966.40/640kg, Seamus Logue £941.70/730kg, Ian McAleese £940.80/640kg, Patrick Loughran £915.20/640kg, Fergal Gormley £915.20/640kg, Hugh O’Hagan £894.60/710kg, £890.60/610kg, James McDowell £876.80/640kg.

Strong prices on Tuesday for calves with smaller entry of stock due to weather conditions.

Female calves sold to up to £1,020 and male calves sold to £885.


Michael McBride £885/430kg, Christopher McBride £865/400kg, £830/400kg, £830/400kg, Sean McElhatton £850/370kg, Francis Murphy £845/360kg, William Gamble £830/340kg, £830/350kg, £820/380kg, £815/380kg, £790/320kg, Francis Murphy £825/370kg, £800/350kg, Michael McBride £800/350kg, £800/350kg, £760/330kg, Christopher McBride £780/330kg, John Murphy £7770/420kg, £730/340kg, £680/340kg, Martin McGlone £740/350kg, £660/280kg William Gamble £735/350kg, £730/320kg, £700/330kg, £655/350kg.


William Gamble £1020/370kg, £820/340kg, Francis Murphy £780/260kg, £765/320kg, £600/250kg, Noel Mullan £600/270kg, Sean McElhatton £560/210kg, Bridget Quinn £560/250kg, £525/250kg, £515/50kg, Hugh O’Hagan £545/270kg, £515/250kg, Sean McElhatton £540/210kg, £460/180kg, £400/170kg, Noel Mullan £460/220kg, £400/260kg.