Draperstown (Richard Beattie) Mart: Suckler cows sell to £1,640

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There was a serious demand for all types of cattle last Friday (January 5th, 2018).

A full yard of stock sold to a flying trade.

Bullocks sold to £1,445 for 690kg, heifers sold to £190 for 660kg, weanlings sold to up to £1,090, suckler cows sold to £1,640 and fat cows sold to £1,443 for 740kg.


Felix McElhone £1,445/690kg, £1,430/730kg, £1,425/660kg, Kevin O’Kane £1,320/630kg, Peter McElhone £1,295/640kg, £1,275/610kg, £1,250/610kg, £1,200/580kg, £1,180/600kg, Gareth Feeney £1,275/590kg, James Millar £1,195/620kg, £1,105/550kg, James Chivers £1,190/540kg, £1,160/500kg, £1,130/520kg, £1,125/530kg, C McBride £1,155/590kg, £1,125/590kg, Kevin O’Kane £1,120/560kg, Ciaran McAnespie £1,115/560kg, £1,095/570kg, Peter McElhone £1,100/540kg, Jospeh McNamee £1,095/510kg, James Chivers £1,090/470kg, £1,080/520kg, £1,070/500kg, J J McKenna £1,090/620kg,£1,055/600kg, Sean Muldoon £1,090/560kg, James Millar £1,075/570kg, Richard McCann £1,065/540kg, Kevin O’Kane £1,050/570kg and C McBride £1,045/500kg.


Patrick Brogan £1,390/660kg, Gareth Feeney £1,205/580kg, £1,150/600kg, £1,1095/540kg, John McKenna £1,160/550kg, £1,100/520kg, £1,060/520kg, Greg McLaughlin £1,120/560kg, James McDowell £1,110/570kg, Thompson Whyte £1,090/630kg, Sean Muldoon £1,085/570kg, John McKenna £1,060/520kg, J and A McGurk £1,055/610kg, £1,050/590kg, Mary Ballantine £1,050/510kg, B Stewart £1,050/490kg, James McDowell £1,045/500kg, Gareth Feeney £1,040/520kg, £1,040/520kg, £1,010/520kg, Dominic Murphy £1,025/550kg, Patrick Owen £1,000/480kg, Thompson Whyte £980/520kg, James Chivers £980/470kg, £970/440kg, £955/480kg, Patrick Owens £970/530kg, Gerry O’Hagan £955/500kg, £945/560kg, D McGurk £950/470kg, B Stewart £945/500kg and Thomas Hegerty £940/440kg.


Joseph Dickson £1,090/510kg, £1,050/430kg, £910/310kg, £900/390kg, £880/350kg, £830/310kg, £800/360kg, Kevin O’Kane £1,005/470kg, £940/400kg, £940/440kg, £910/420kg, £880/430kg, £820/430kg, John Costello £800/400kg, Robin Young £770/340kg, £760/320kg, Kevin O’Kane £760/390kg, P Carton £725/300kg, £695/290kg, £685/290kg, John Costello £710/310kg, £660/270kg, £650/300kg and Brian McFall £660/350kg.


John Costello £750/290kg, £610/310kg, S Bradley £710/360kg, £670/340kg, £600/320kg, £550/340kg, £540/260kg, £540/260kg, £535/320kg, £530/270kg, Joseph Dickson £700/330kg, £605/280kg, C McVey £685/330kg, Ryan Conway £665/390kg, P Carton £655/300kg, John Costello £600/290kg, £530/280kg, Joseph Dickson £570/360kg, Gerard McNamee £525/350kg and S Bradely £520/270kg.


J Donaghy £1,640, £1,535, £1,300, McFall £1,365, Brian McFall £1,365,£1,275, Michael McCann £1,360, £1,140 and Ryan Mortimer £1,100 and £980.


Kevin O’Kane £1,443/740kg John Forbes £1,419/860kg, Gareth Feeney £1,317.60/720kg, £1,201.20/780kg, S Millar £1,271.60/680kg, E Dorris £1,183.20/680kg, IanTowney £1,149.50/550kg, Samuel Jackson £1,147/740kg, J McCloskey £1,099/700kg, Paul McGovern £1,095.20/740kg, Aidan Quinn £1,094.40/570kg, W Galway £1,024/640kg, James Millar £1,019.20/520kg, S Hall £1,001/650kg, McKinney Brothers £992/640kg, E Doris £980/700kg, Gareth Feeney £972.70/710kg, Paul McGovern £965.60/680kg, Gareth Bryson £962/650kg, James Millar £945.40/580kg, D Kelly £942.40/620kg, I Derby £928/640kg, £841.80/690kg, Lewis Quinn £847/700kg, J McGurk £834/600kg and Stanley McMurray £830.80/670kg.