Draperstown (Richard Beattie): More record prices for cattle

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Weanlings sold to 314ppk last Friday at Draperstown (Richard Beattie).

Another great entry of stock filled the pens.

More record prices this week as bullocks £1470/710kg, heifers £1260/660kg, weanlings up to £1000 and fat cows £1333/860kg.

BULLOCKS: Brian McCord £1450/710kg, £1440/730kg, Ivor Smith £1345/650kg, £1300/620kg, £1260/610kg, Stephen Hasson £1300/680kg, £1250/600kg,£1220/630kg, £1180/630kg, James Boyd £1300/650kg, £1240/590kg, £1240/600kg, £1230/580kg, £1210/610kg, Mary Ballantine £1295/620kg, £1255/610kg, £1200/590kg, P O’Kane £1240/600kg, Ivor Smyth £1220/590kg, Robert Miller £1200/580kg, £1155/530kg, £1160/550kg, Meredith Gibson £1175/570kg, £155/560kg, Mary Ballantine £1145/510kg, £1145/540kg, Stephen Hasson £1140/560kg, £1130/570kg, George Ramsey £11140/660kg, Hugh Lennox £1125/550kg, James Boyd £1120/570kg, Robert Miller £1110/580kg, £1100/540kg£1085/540kg, Alan Hutchinson £1105/510kg, James Wasson £1100/600kg, Stephen Hasson £1100/540kg, W Stewart £1100/520kg, Mary Ballantine £1100/460g, Meredith Gibson £1100/560kg, P O’Kane £1090/570kg.

HEIFERS: Brian McCord £1260/660kg, Alan Hutchinson £1125/550kg, £1100/500kg, £1020/490kg, £995/460kg, Robert Miller £1120/460kg, Charles McNabb £1035/510kg, C Convey £980/450kg, £935/450kg, P O’Kane £950/450kg, Robert Miller £895/450kg, James Porter £840/420kg, William Moore £835/470kg, £815/410kg, £815/390kg, £810/410kg, £800/380kg,£765/400kg,£750/450kg, Eamon McNabb £790/390kg, £750/380kg.

WEANLINGS MALE: E and J Doris £1000/480kg, £990/410kg, £970/450kg, Ian McAleese £975/380kg, Patrick Hughes £970/350kg, Michael McCullagh £950/370kg, £950/430kg, £935/420kg, £895/380kg, £895/330kg, £890/410kg, D Hughes £950/340kg, £940/350kg, £915/400kg, £900/350kg, £900/330kg, £870/310kg, Ian McAleese £900/40kg, Patrick Wylie £880/410kg, Tony Kelly £865/400kg, £840/350kg, £830/360kg, E Doris £860/410kg, Seamus McWilliams £840/370kg, £800/350kg, Pat McKenna £830/320kg, Hugh Lennox £805/340kg, Patrick Hughes £805/270kg, £725/280kg, M McLaughlin £800/360kg, Michael McCullagh £800/330kg, £785/320kg, £705/270KG D Hughes £790/310kg, James McGillian £670/280kg.

WEANLINGS FEMALE: Michael McCullagh £885/370kg, Hugh O’Hagan £830/350kg, £795/330kg, £795/380kg, Charles McNabb £820/330kg, N McGuckin £810/380kg, Michael McCullagh £805/340kg, £760/340kg, £750/340kg, Daniel O’Neill £775/380kg, Hugh O’Hagan £760/330kg, Pat McKenna £755/330kg, Brian O’Neill £745/400kg,Charles McNabb £730/340kg, Patrick Wylie £730/390kg, £725/380kg, Martin McCrory £730/370kg, £702/390kg, £700/360kg, £700/360kg, Brian O’Neill £720/350kg, Pat McKenna £710/320kg, Patrick Wylie £700/400kg, Ian McAleese £700/340kg, Stanley Ferguson £700/340kg, Michael Quinn £700/300kg, £685/320kg, Daniel Gallagher £695/340kg, £680/320kg, Michael McCullagh £670/280kg, £635/290kg, £625/280kg.

FAT COWS: D Wright £1333/860kg, Donald Forsythe £1123.40/820kg, Brian O’Neill £1045.20/780kg, £997.50/750kg, £920/460kg, Peter McElhone £1020.80/580kg, Pearse Foster £993.60/540kg, Leonard McGarvey £984.90/670kg, Brendan McCullagh £980/700kg, Seamus Loughran £90890/610kg, Peter McElhone £834.20/430kg, John Bradley £831.90/590kg, Charles Walls £752.40/660kg, Seamus McWilliams £731.60/620kg, John O’Neill £690.30/590kg, Charles Walls £681.60/480kg.