Dropped calves sell to £580 at Rathfriland

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There was a good entry of cattle at Rathfriland for the 1st August sale which saw tremendous trade. 102 dropped calves sold to a top of £580 for a pen of 11 strong Angus bull and Heifers from Crossmaglen.

A Mayobridge farmer reached £500 for a Lim bull and an Annclone farmer reached £490 for a Sim bull. A strong entry of 101 weanlings topped at £920 for 400k Lim female from Edenagarry. Glenavy farmer reached 281p/k for 242k Lim female at £680. Store heifers sold to 209p/k for 426k Sim at £890 from Moneyslane. Springing suckler heifers sold to £1210 from Hillsborough followed by £1140 and £1000. A Ch bull sold at £1160. There was a great trade for a big entry of bullocks. Dromara farmer: 662k Lim at £1400, 688k AA at £1400. Ballyward farmer: 600k Sim at £1280. Over 50 Friesian bullocks sold to £1080 for 634k or 170p/k with a Ballynahinch farmer selling 590k Fr at £1040 or 176p/k.


Crossmaglen farmer: 11 AA, £580, £420, £420, £400, £375, £375, £320 and £305 etc. Mayobridge farmer: £500, £485, £480 and £475. Annaclone farmer: £490 and £450. Burren farmer: Sim bull £430. Cascum farmer: £400. Seaforde farmer: £315. Loughbrickland farmer: £340. Ballynahinch farmer: Pen of Herefords £250, £240 and £230 etc. Brague farmer: Herefords £300, £300, £285 and £285.


Glenavy farmer: 242k at £680 or 281p/k, 298k at £700 or 235p/k and 322k at £665. Lacken farmer: 288k at £760 or 264p/k and 276k at £710 or 257p/k. Saintfield farmer: 8 BB, 304k at £750 or 247p/k, 316k at £755 or 242p/k, 344k at £820 or 238p/k, 332k at £770 or 232p/k, 376k at £850 or 226p/k etc. Edenagarry farmer: 400k at £920 or 230p/k, 482k at £880, 406k at £870, 406k at £850, 376k at £830.


Banbridge farmer: 360k at £740, 350k at £740, 332k at £720. Moneyslane farmer: 426k at £890. Dromara farmer: 378k at £750 and 442k at £815. Ballynahinch farmer: 345k at £675. Poyntzpass farmer: 330k at £660. Craigavon farmer: 382k at £875, 318k at £670. Lisburn farmer: 376k at £800.


Springing heifers - Hillsborough farmer: £1210 and £1000. Ringbane farmer: £1140. Fat cows – Lisburn farmer: 596k at £960. Katesbridge farmer: 810k at £900 and 526k at £840. Newry farmer: 688k at £850, 550k at £750, 446k at £590.


Dromara farmer: 662k at £1400, 688k at £1400. Ballyward farmer: 602k at £1280, 564k at £1205, 650k at £1130. Mayobridge farmer: 640k at £1275, 650k at £1275, 608k at £1160. Ringbane farmer: 626k at £1270, 606k at £1190. Katesbridge farmer: 640k at £1220, 600k at £1090. 58 FRIESIAN BULLOCKS: These bullocks sold in a flying trade to 176p/k for 590k lot at £1040 from Ballynahinch. Shin farmer: 540k at £930 or 172p/k, 608k at £1000 or 165p/k. Ballyward farmer: 634k at £1080 or 170p/k, 554k at £930 or 168p/k, 518k at £860 or 166p/k, 560k at £905 or 162p/k 546k at £895 or 164p/k, 602k at £980 or 163p/k.

Please note that from Friday, August 4, the sale will commence at 11am sharp. Dropped calves must be penned by 10:.45am at the latest.

Lamb prices took a significant rise on Tuesday evening when almost 1200 sheep met a greatly improved trade. A pen of 17 lambs from Ardglass 25.4k at £98.50 or 388p/k. All heavy lots sold from £92 up and around 380p/k. Store lambs sold to 447p/k for a pen of 17.9k at £80. Breeding hoggets sold to £162 for a pen of 5 from Hilltown. A big entry of fat ewes was a consistant trade to £85 per head for 2 lots from Clough.


Ardglass farmer: 25.4k at £98.50. Poyntzpass farmer: 31k at £95. Ballywillwill farmer: 31k at £95. Poyntzpass farmer: 28k at £94. Finnis farmer: 24k at £93. Kilkeel farmer: 2 lots 25.9k at £93 and 26.7k at £93. Co Tyrone farmer: 26.4k at £92. Ardglass farmer: 25.8k at £93. Ballinaskeagh farmer: 23.7k at £92. Ballynahinch farmer: 22.3k at £85. Lacken farmer: 22.3k at £84.50. Mayobridge farmer: 22.5k at £84. Dromara farmer: 19.2k at £74.50. Dromara farmer: 22.9k at £88. Castlewellan farmer: 14.5k at £57. Co Tyrone farmer: 18.2k at £81 and 17.9k at £80.


Clough farmer: 2 lots at £85 each. Ballywillwill farmer: £80. Rathfriland farmer: £80. Shinn farmer: £77. Kilkeel farmer: £76. Ballynafoy farmer: £72.


Hilltown farmer: 4 lots - £162, £152, £150 and £150. Newry farmer: £145 etc.