Eight week old calf sells to £560 at Rathfriland Co-Op

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At Rathfriland Co-Op on last Friday (July 21st) 350 cattle on sold at prices never seen before in July.

Dropped calves sold to £560 for a two month old Hereford bull followed by £515 for a similar lot from a Seaforde farm.

133 weanlings sold to 308.6p/k for 256k Limousin male at £790 followed by 250k Limousin heifer at £725 or 290p/k.

312k Charolais male from Downpatrick sold at £880 or 282p/k.

91 bullocks cleared up to £1,525 for a Shanrod farmer.

A top per kilo of 242.5p was paid to a Jerrettspass farmer for a 332k Limousin at £805.

Store heifers easily cleared up to £1,360 for 656k Charolais from Ballinran.

A 490k Limousin from Hilltown sold at £1,060.

Suckler heifers with calves at foot sold to £1,320 for a Glenavy farmer.

Fat cows sold to £1,300 for 804k Charolais from Rathfriland and £1,135 for 550k Limousin from Ballinran.

DROPPED CALVES: Seaforde farmer: £560 and £515 for two Hereford bulls and £300, £275 and £260 for Hereford heifers. Annalong farmer: Strong Friesian bull at £395. Loughbrickland farmer: Hereford bull £340. Banbridge farmer: Belgian Blue bull £340. Dromore farmer: British Blue bull £320 and £290. Ringsend farmer: Fleckvieh at £280.

133 WEANLINGS: Annaclone farmer: 256k at £790 or 308.6p/k, 250k at £725 or 290p/k, 310k at £840 or 271p/k, 238k at £635 or 267p/k. Downpatrick farmer: 312k at £880 or 282p/k, 358k at £890 or 250p/k, 336k at £830 or 247p/k, 378k at £925 or 248p/k, 334k at £820 or 245.5p/k. Ballynahinch farmer: 302k at £820 or 272p/k, 304k at £810 or 266p/k, 304k at £795 or 234p/k. Hilltown farmer: 372k at £850 or 229p/k and 356k at £840 or 236p/k. Aughnaloopy farmer: 574k at £1,135, 600k at £1,100, 574k at £1,095, 532k at £1,050. Ballykindlar farmer: 300k at £810.

HEIFERS: Katesbridge farmer: 662k at £1,170. Katesbridge farmer: 594k at £1,065, 566k at £1,055, 578k at £1,015 – all Herefords. Hilltown farmer: 490k at £1,060. Aughnahooey farmer: 516k at £1,000. Ballyward farmer: 404k at £850. Ballinran farmer: 656k at £1,360. Altnamackin farmer: 346k at £725, 380k at £790, 368k at £700, 366k at £710.

FAT COWS: Katesbridge farmer: 804k at £1,300 and 642k at £1,020. Ballinran farmer: 550k at £1,135. Corragh farmer: 626k at £1,040. Ballyveamore farmer: 580k at £750. Aughnaloopy farmer: 632k at £725. Ballymagreehan farmer: 608k at £715. Rathfriland farmer: 474k at £500.

SUCKLERS: Glenavy farmer: £1,320, £1,220, £1,180. Derryneil farmer: £1,300. Drumaness farmer: £1,120 etc.

BULLOCKS: Shanrod farmer: 830k Hereford at £1,625. Ballyward farmer: 560k at £1,200, 556k at £1,190, 550k at £1,190, 564k at £1,185. Ballykeel farmer: 550k at £1,190, 536k at £1,170, 468k at £1,040. Aughnavallouge farmer: 570k at £1,200, 578k at £1,170, 484k at £1,000, 446k at £920, 446k at £900. Ballinaskeagh farmer: 572k at £1,150, 434k at £900, 348k at £740. Ballyroney farmer: 524k at £1,010, 356k at £800 etc. Jerretspass farmer: 456k at £970, 418k at £955, 470k at £955, 402k at £900, 396k at £875, 380k at £870, 350k at £800, 410k at £890 etc. Garvaghy farmer: 510k at £1,090, 482k at £1,065.

* Please note that from Friday, August 4th, the sale will commence at 11am sharp. Dropped calves must be penned by 10.45am at the latest.*

Around 1,300 sheep on Tuesday evening saw far lamb prices easier than the week previous with store lambs a similar trade.

A top of £87 was paid for heavy lambs from Dromore. Hilltown farmer: 26k at £85. Ringsend farmer: 25k at £84. Finnard farmer: 24k at £82. Warrenpoint farmer: 24.4k at £84. Portadown farmer: 23.6k at £82. Middletown farmer: 22.5k at £81. Ballynahinch farmer: 15k at £57. Cabra farmer: 17k at £63 and 21k at £71. Banbridge farmer: 21.5k at £78 etc. Fat ewes: £88, £87, £85, £80, £79, £78 etc.

There were 10 lots of breeders which sold at £150, £150, £150, £148, £145, £145 etc.