Enniskillen: Good numbers on offer, heavies sell to £1,305 per head

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Good numbers on offer again this week at Thursday’s sales.

In the bullock ring lightweights sold from 215 to 248 for an Charolais 320kg at £795, mediumweights sold from 205 to 232 for a Charolais 448kg at £1,040, heavy weights sold from 190 to 224 for a Charolais 518kg at £1,160 and sold up to £1,305 per head.


Kesh producer Charolais 320kg at £795, Charolais 310kg at £760, Omagh producer Charolais 448kg at £1,040, Limousin 510kg at £1,115, Limousin 500kg at £1,100, Garavery producer Charolais 414kg at £955, Limousin 440kg at £1,000, Enniskillen producer Charolais 480kg at £1,100, Charolais 518kg at £1,160, Charolais 572kg at £1,260, Charolais 538kg at £1,130 and Florencecourt producer Charolais 530kg at £1,115.


In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £650 to £960 paid for a 390kg Charolais while heifers ranged from £500 to £800 for a 340kg Charolais.

Ruling prices:

Enniskillen producer 340kg Charolais heifer at £800, 246kg Charolais bull at £720, 215kg Charolais bull at £635, 265 Charolais heifer at £670, 215k Simmental bull at £575, Letterbreen producer 390kg Charolais bull at £960, 322kg Charolais bull at £845, 400k Limousin bull at £836, Kinawley producer 263kg Limousin heifer at £660, 271kg Limousin heifer at £590, 318kg Limousin bull at £785, 292kg Limousin bull at £775, Boho producer 265kg Charolais bull at £750, 254kg Charolais bull at £720, 272kg Charolais at £770, 440kg Limousin steer at £930, 420kg Aberdeen Angus steer at £885, 415kg Limousin heifer at £835, Derrylin producer 268kg Aberdeen Angus bull at £720, 244kg Aberdeen Angus bull at £560, 265kg Aberdeen Angus bull at £665, Kesh producer 305kg Limousin bull at £765, 340kg Limousin bull at £765, 282kg Limousin bull at £680, 241kg Limousin heifer at £540, 191kg Limousin bull at £590, 240kg Charolais bull at £700, Fivemiletown producer 440kg Limousin bull at £905, 370kg Limousin bull at £820, Belcoo producer 440kg Aberdeen Angus bull at £900, Omagh producer 265kg Charolais bull at £745, 272kg Charolais bull at £800, 250kg Charolais heifer at £590, 253kg Charolais heifer at £620, Blaney producer 340kg Limousin bull at £740kg, 330kg Limousin bull at £785, 313k Aberdeen Angus bull at £735, 307kg Limousin bull at £730, Florencecourt producer 271kg Limousin bull at £660, 296kg Limousin bull at £730, 287kg Limousin heifer at £670, Derrygonnelly producer 176kg Limousin bull at £500, 166kg Limousin bull at £450, 335kg Limousin bull at £805.


Bulls: Enniskillen producer Limousin bull at £305, Florencecourt producer Belgian Blue bull at £305, Derrylin producer Limousin bull at £290, Limousin bull at £280, Lisbellaw producer Aberdeen Angus bull at £260, Aberdeen Angus bull at £275, Kinawley producer Charolais bull at £285 and Tempo producer B bull at £255.

Heifers: Kinawley producer Charolais heifer at £280, Belgian Blue heifer at £255, Charolais heifer at £230, Tempo producer Aberdeen Angus heifer at £225 and Trillick producer Belgian Blue heifer at £220, Belgian Blue heifer at £205.


Fivemiletown producer springing Charolais heifer at £1,370, Killadeas producer springing Limousin heifer at £1,300, Brookeborough producer Aberdeen Angus cow with bull at £1,300, Limousin cow with bull at £1,170, Newtownbutler producer Limousin cow with bull at £1,300 and Kinawley producer Hereford cow with bull at £1,160.


Beef lots sold to 204ppk paid for a 620kg Charolais at £1260, while medium and lighter weights sold from 192-246ppk for a 325kg Charolais at £800.

Irvinestown producer Charolais 620kg at £260, Castlederg producer Charolais 590kg at £1,180, Charolais 560kg at £1,140, Charolais 550kg at £1,160, Charolais 530kg at £1,180 and Florencecourt producer Charolais 490kg at £1,040.

Fat cows

Forward lots sold to 180ppk paid for a 710kg Charolais at £1,280, light weights sold from 82-165ppk. Friesian cows from 72-102ppk for a 55kg Friesian at £560.

Boho producer Charolais 698kg at £1,165, Charolais 730kg at £1,055, Irvinestown producer Charolais 694kg at £1,160, Belcoo producer Charolais 710kg at £1,015 and Trillick producer Charolais 700kg at £1,030.