Enniskillen: Heavy bullocks sell up to £1345 per head

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With and entry of over 1000 cattle on offer at Thursday’s sales and buyers from all over the province, tremendous trade was reported in all rings.

In the bullock ring light weight bullocks sold from 210 to 246p for a Lim 342kg at 840.

Medium weights sold from 200 to 258p for a Ch 446kg at 1150.

Heavy lots sold from 190 to 221ppk for a Lim 564kg at 1245 and selling up to 1345 per head.

BULLOCKS: Derrylin producer Ch 380kg at 980, Ch 374kg at 935, Garrison producer Ch 374kg at 935, Ch 444kg at 1070, Kesh producer Ch 462kg at 1130, Enniskillen producer Lim 420kg at 1020, Ballinamallard producer AA 592kg at 1355, AA 568kg at 1275, Springfield producer AA 642kg at 1445.

WEANLINGS: In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £650 to £1100 paid for a 425kg Ch, while heifers ranged from £550 to £1020 for a 376kg Ch.

Ruling prices: Letterbreen producer 425kg Ch steer at 1100, 395kg Ch steer at 960, 359kg Ch steer at 885, 402kg Ch steer at 920, Springfield producer 356kg Ch heifer at 885, 304kg Ch heifer at 805, 356kg Ch steer at 875, 376kg Ch heifer at 1020, 385kg Ch heifer at 935, Enniskillen producer 389kg Ch bull at 985, 481kg Ch bull at 1030, 518kg Ch bull at 1070, 335kg Ch bull at 800, 401kg Ch heifer at 885, 345kg Ch steer at 880, 359kg Ch heifer at 865, 328kg Ch heifer at 700, Kinawley producer 344kg Lim steer at 790, 341kg Lim heifer at 710, 363kg Lim steer at 785, 318kg Lim steer at 780, 380kg Lim steer at 890, Lisnaskea producer 315kg Ch bull at 830, 308kg Ch bull at 810, 330kg Ch steer at 805, 355kg Lim heifer at 740, 356kg Ch heifer at 810, Belcoo producer 352kg BB steer at 815, 327kg Lim heifer at 705, 347kg Ch bull at 850, Garrison producer 266kg Ch heifer at 605, 319kg Lim bull at 710, 343kg Ch steer at 860, 304kg Ch steer at 770, 270kg Ch steer at 735.

CALVES 2 MONTHS: Kinawley producer Ch heifer at 380, Ch bull at 350, Omagh producer Lim heifer at 350, Enniskillen producer AA heifer at 320, Kesh producer Lim bull at 340.

CALVES: Florencecourt producer BB bull at 300, BB bull at 295, BB bull at 290, Here heifer at 270, Springfield producer Lim bull at 270, Rosslea producer AA bull at 260, Enniskillen producer Sim bull at 250, Sim heifer at 255, Letterbreen producer Lim bull at 250, Lisnaskea producer Friesian bull at 80, Friesian bull at 75.

SUCKLER COWS: Kinawley producer Ch cow with heifer calf at 1520, Ch cow with heifer calf at 1330, Enniskillen producer Sht cow with bull calf at 1350, Florencecourt producer BB cow with bull calf at 1330, Lisnaskea producer Lim cow with bull calf at 1310, Ch cow with heifer calf at 1300, Fkv cow with bull calf at 1280, Trillick producer Daq cow with heifer calf at 1290, Derrylin producer springing Blonde heifer at 1280, Derrygonnelly producer springing Lim heifer at 1260, springing Lim at 1220.

Heifers: Forward lots sold to 237ppk paid for a 470kg Ch at 1115 and top price of £1250. While lightweights sold from 192-254ppk for a 350kg Ch at 890.

Derrygonnelly producer 610kg Ch at 1245, 500kg Ch at 1115, Leggs producer 600kg Ch at 1250, 540kg Ch at 1180, 600kg Ch at 1235, Maguiresbridge producer 610kg Ch at 1240, Enniskillen producer 560kg Lim at 1165, 460kg Ch at 1080, 490kg Ch at 1090, Kesh producer 530kg Ch at 1105, Newtownbutler producer 515kg Ch at 1140, 540kg Ch at 1145, 520kg Ch at 1105.

Fat cows: Derrylin producer Ch cow heifer 448kg at 925, Lisnaskea producer Ch cow heifer 572kg at 1050, Kesh producer AA cow heifer 630kg at 1190, Belleek producer Lim cow heifer 490kg at 875, Kinawley producer Lim 698kg at 1220, Boho producer Lim 610kg at 1020, Kesh producer Lim 530kg at 880, Springfield producer Lim 698kg at 1050, Derryharney producer Sim 796kg at 1150, Florencecourt proucer Sht 618kg at 890, Omagh producer Lim 648kg at 935, Bellanaleck producer Ch 756kg at 1040.