Enniskillen Mart: Heavy weight cattle sell to £1,540

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At Thursday’s sales at Enniskillen Mart there were large numbers still coming and meeting a tremendous demand.

In the bullock ring lightweights sold from 215 to 275 for a Ch 354kg at £975, mediumweights sold from 200 to 264 for a AA 474kg at £1,250, heavy weights sold from 190 to 231 for a Ch 514kg at £1,190 and sold up to £1,540 per head.

BULLOCKS: Belleek producer Ch 354kg at £975, Brookeborough producer Ch 344kg at £925, Enniskillen producer Ch 366kg at £985, AA 474kg at £1,250, Ch 514kg at £1,190, Irvinestown producer Ch 396kg at £1,060, Ch 542kg at £1,225, Ch 516kg at £1,165, Belcoo producer Ch 310kg at £820, Ch 382kg at £1,005, Ch 348kg at £905, Garrison producer Ch 398kg at £1,045, Ch 460kg at £1,050, Ch 410kg at £1,055, Tempo producer Ch 502kg at £140, Ch 538kg at £1,220, Roscor producer Ch 840kg at £1,540, Lisburn producer Ch 736kg at £1,445, Lim 742kg at £1,635, Ch 758kg at £1,505, Ch 686kg at £1,415.

WEANLINGS: In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £680 to £960 paid for a 314kg Ch while heifers ranged from £560 to £910 for a 341kg Ch.

Ruling prices: Irvinestown producer 314kg Ch bull at £960, 369kg Ch bull at £940, 249kg Ch heifer at £640, 310kg Ch heifer at £790, Kinawley producer 308kg Ch heifer at £720, 336kg Ch bull at £915, 299kg Ch bull at £870, Newtownbutler producer 271 Ch steer at £745, 270kg Ch steer at £760, 261kg Ch steer at £700, Florencecourt producer 385kg Ch bull at £95, 253kg Ch steer at £800, 281kg Ch steer at £805, 297kg Ch steer at £830, Belcoo producer 327kg Ch bull at £855, 277kg Ch bull at £825, 244kg Ch heifer at £670, 377kg Ch bull at £940, Enniskillen producer 319kg Ch bull at £950, 283kg Ch bull at £850, 358kg Ch bull at £940, 325kg Ch bull at £835, Ballinamallard producer 380kg Ch bull at £690, 390kg Ch bull at £990, 340kg Ch bull at £830, Rosslea producer 412kg Ch heifer at £880, 264kg Lim heifer at £620, 385kg Ch heifer at £865, 386kg Ch heifer at £880, 347kg Ch heifer at £880, Ederney producer 395kg Lim heifer at £910, 336kg Ch steer at £845, 324kg Ch heifer at £800, Garrison producer 357kg Ch bull at £865, 277kg Ch bull at £705, 305kg Lim heifer at £730, Kinawley producer 329g Ch heifer at £790, 395kg Ch steer at £945, 09kg Ch heifer at £795, Kesh producer 341kg Ch heifer at £910, 225kg Ch heifer at £590, 364kg Ch bull at £885.

CALVES: Churchhill producer Ch bull at £305, Lim bull at £280, Lim bull at £250, Letterbreen producer AA bull at £290, AA bull at £270, AA heifer at £250, AA heifer at £245, Friesian bull at £70, Drumcose producer Ch heifer at £285, Ch heifer at £250, Lisbellaw producer Sim bull at £270, Sim bull at £260, Sim bull at £240, Friesian bull at £105, Garvary producer BB bull at £240.

SUCKLER COWS: Kinawley producer Lim cow with heifer at £1,710, Derrylin producer Ch cow with heifer at £1,600, Lim cow with bull at £1,500, Omagh producer Lim cow with heifer calf at £1,540, Sth cow with heifer calf at £1,460, springing Sth heifer at £1,310, Derrygonnelly producer BB cow with heifer at £1,340.

Heifers: Beef lots sold to 212pk paid for a 570kg Ch at £1,225 and to a top price of £1,330. Medium weights from 190-231ppk paid for a 484kg Ch at £1,120. Light weights from 192-240 for a 352kg Ch at £845.

Newtownbutler producer 640kg Ch at £1,265, 600kg Ch at £1,240, 565kg Ch at £1,220, 550kg Ch at £1,130, Rosslea producer 640kg Ch at £1,285, 540kg Ch at £1,180, 600kg Ch at £1,235, Maguiresbridge producer 610kg Ch at £1,240, Enniskillen producer 560kg Lim at £1,165, 460kg Ch at £1,080, 490kg Ch at £1,090, Kesh producer 530kg Ch at £1,105, Newtownbutler producer 515kg Ch at £1,140, 540kg Ch at £1,145, 520kg Ch at £1,105, Lisnaskea producer 660kg Ch at £1,330.

Fat cows: Derrylin producer Ch cow heifer 448kg at £925, Lisnaksea producer Ch cow heifer 572kg at £1,050, Kesh producer AA cow heifer 630kg at £1,190, Belleek producer Lim cow heifer 490kg at £875, Kinawley producer Lim 698kg at £1,220, Boho producer Lim 610kg at £1,020, Kesh producer Lim 530kg at £880, Springfield producer Lim 698kg at £1,050, Derryharney producer Sim 796kg at £1,150, Florencecourt producer Sht 618kg at £890, Omagh Lim 648kg at £935, Ballanaleck Ch 756kg £1,040.