Enniskillen Mart: Heavy weights sell to up to £1,560 per head

Trade continued to at Thursday’s sales at Enniskillen Mart.

In the bullock ring lightweights sold from 225 to 292 for a Charolais 362kg at £1,055, mediumweights sold from 220 to 282 for a Charolais 408kg at £1,150, heavy weights sold from 200 to 228 for a Limousin 624kg at £1,425 and sold up to £1,560 per head.


Omagh producer Charolais 362kg at £1,055, Charolais 376kg at £1,080, Charolais 372kg at £1,065, Charolais 376kg at £1,040, Brookeborough producer Charolais 408kg at £1,150, Limousin 334kg at £910, Clogher producer Charolais 404kg at £1,090, Limousin 428kg at £1,135, Lisbellaw producer Charolais 726kg at £1,560, Charolais 686kg at £1,530, Charolais 700kg at £1,520, Charolais 700kg at £1,505.


In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £720 to £1,070 paid for a 428kg Charolais while heifers ranged from £550 to £935 for a 333kg Limousin.

Ruling prices: Rosslea producer 333kg Limousin heifer at £935, 331kg Charolais heifer at £875, 289kg Charolais heifer at £800, 375kg Charolais heifer at £800, Derrygonnelly producer 237kg Charolais heifer at £690, 327kg Charolais heifer at £720, 194kg Limousin bull at £610, Enniskillen producer 321kg Charolais bull at £1,010, 332kg Charolais heifer at £875, 407kg Charolais heifer at £870, 373kg Charolais bull at £1,030, Irvinestown producer 371kg Charolais steer at £1,030, 299kg Limousin heifer at £740, 261kg Charolais bull at £760, Tempo producer 231kg Charolais heifer at £720, 342kg Charolais heifer at £760, 334kg Limousin bull at £850, 369kg Charolais heifer at £830, Kesh producer 268kg Simmental steer at £750, 290kg Limousin steer at £805, 317kg Simmental steer at £910, 286kg Limousin steer at £810, 266kg Limousin steer at £835, Fivemiletown producer 256kg Charolais bull at £720, 325kg Aberdeen Angus bull at £775, 311kg Aberdeen Angus bull at £790, 387kg Charolais steer at £975, Belleek producer 372kg Aberdeen Angus heifer at £790, 322kg Charolais steer at £1,035, Trilick producer 304kg Simmental steer, 324kg Simmental steer at £710, Simmental steer at £715, Garrison producer 334kg Limousin steer at £850, 258kg Limousin steer at £750, 297kg Limousin steer at £750, 219kg Limousin heifer at £520 and 301kg Charolais heifer at £720.


Maguiresbridge producer Hereford bull at £355, Limousin bull at £305, Hereford bull at £250, Enniskillen producer Limousin bull at £355, Friesian bull at £130, Ballinamallard producer Limousin bull at £325, Limousin heifer at £240, Tattymore producer Aberdeen Angus bull at £265, Monea producer Aberdeen Angus bull at £225 and Irvinestown producer Charolais heifer at £230.


Kesh producer Limousin cow with bull at £1,560, Limousin heifer with heifer at £1,000, Fivemiletown producer springing Limousin heifer at £1,130, Florencecourt producer Charolais bull at £1,580 and Irvinestown producer Charolais bull at £1,140.

Heifers: Forward lots sold to 206ppk paid for a 640kg Charolais at £1320, medium weights from 190-228ppk for a 415kg Charolais at £980, light weights from 202-252ppk paid for a 360kg Charolais at £905.

Enniskillen producer Charolais 640kg at £1,320, Charolais 630kg at £1,260, Ballinamallard produer Charolais 550kg at £1,180, Letterbreen producer Charolais 600kg at £1,190, Florencecourt producer Charolais 470kg at £1,030, Lisnaskea producer Charolais 540kg at £1,100 and Macken producer Charolais 360kg at £905, Charolais 400kg at £885 and Charolais 330kg at £775.

Fat cows: Beef cows to 215ppk for a 578kg Charolais at £1,240, feeding cows to 135-208ppk for a 436kg Limousin at £905, Friesian and Holstein cows to 80-132ppk 800kg at £1,065 and fat bulls sold at £1,520.

Derrygonnelly producer Charolais 800kg at £1,290, Lisbellaw producer Charolais 800kg at £1,360, Kesh producer Charolais 590kg at £1,040, Tempo producer Charolais 524kg at £1,040 and Newtownbutler producer Charolais 528kg at £1,060 and Charolais 538kg at £1,050.