Enniskillen Mart: Lightweights sold to £910 for 334kg

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Another good entry of just under 1,000 cattle on offer at Thursday’s sales with buy and trade reported in all six rings.

Lightweights sold from 215 to 272 for a Ch 334kg at £910, mediumweights sold from 200 to 269 for a Ch 412kg at £1,110, heavy weights sold from £190 to £220 for a Ch 632kg at £1,390 and sold up to £1,530 per head.

BULLOCKS: Florencecourt producer Ch 334kg at £910, Ch 338kg at £870, Ch 424kg at £1,070, Trillick producer Ch 412kg at £1,110, Augher producer Ch 348kg at £895, 370kg Ch at £925, Irvinestown producer Ch 632kg at £1390, Ch 608kg at £1,325, Ch 606kg at £1,310, Ch 752kg at £1,530, Tamlaght producer 512kg at £1,105, Kesh producer Ch 776kg at £1,250.

WEANLINGS: In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £680 to £970 paid for a 310kg Ch while heifers ranged from £550 to £900 for a 368kg Ch.

Ruling prices: Derrylin producer 368kg Ch heifer at £900, 291kg Ch bull at £820, 251kg Ch heifer at £700, 310kg Ch bull at £970, Newtownbutler producer 235kg Ch bull at £680, 271kg Lim bull at £725, 249kg Lim heifer at £680, Lisnaskea producer 317kg Lim bull at £735, 364kg Lim bull at £805, 324kg Lim bull at £760, Belleek producr 245kg Ch heifer at £630, 357kg Lim bull at £740, 350kg Lim bull at £830, Derrygonnelly producer 374kg Ch steer at £1,090, 309kg Ch steer at £820, 336kg Ch heifer at £835, 335kg Ch bull at £820, Garrison producer 355kg Ch heifer at £890, 276kg Ch heifer at £600, 280kg Ch bull at £720, Ch heifer 321kg at £755, Belleek producer 430kg Ch steer at £1,030, 396kg Ch steer at £940, 415kg Ch steer at £890, 329kg Ch heifer at £785, 358kg Ch heifer at £905, Enniskillen producer 266kg Ch heifer at £735, 267kg Ch heifer at £690, 370kg Lim bull at £765, 280kg Ch heifer at £735, 280kg Ch bull at £785, Irvinestown producer 382kg Lim steer at £975, 314kg Lim steer at £820, 317kg Lim steer at £800, Boho producer 321kg Lim heifer at £820, 340kg Ch heifer at £895, 348kg Ch bull at £960, 258kg Lim heifer at £740.

CALVES 2 MONTHS: Kinawley producer Ch bull at £450, Lim bull at £415, Irvinestown producer Lim bull at £440, Derrylin producer Ch bull at £425, Kesh producer Ch bull at £420.

CALVES: Springfield producer Ch heifer at £340, NN heifer at £260, Friesian bull at £110, Culkey producer Ch bull at £320, Ch bull at £300, Enniskillen producer Ch heifer at £315, Florencecourt producer Hereford bull at £305, AA heifer at £300, Drumcose producer Ch bull at £290, Ch bull at £270, Ch heifer at £270, Brookeborough producer Friesian bull at £90.

SUCKLER COWS: Derrygonnelly producer Ch cow with bull at £1,670, Omagh producer Ch cow with bull at £1,620, Enniskillen producer Lim cow with bull at £1,460, Ch cow with bull at £1,250, Dunngannon producer Blonde cow with bull at £1,440, Lisnaskea producer Hereford cow with bull at £1,350, Derrylin producer springing Ch cow at £1,420, springing Ch cow at £1,220, springing Lim cow at £1,180, springing Ch cow at £1,160, springing Lim cow at £1,110.

Heifers: Beef lots sold to 205pk paid for a 640kg Ch at £1,310. Medium weights from 200-240ppk paid for a 450kg Ch at £1,075. Light weights from 202-246ppk for a 385kg Ch at £945.

Springfeild producer Ch 640kg at £1,310, Fivemiletown producer Ch 540kg at £1,150, Ch 520kg at £1,145, Ch 460kg at £1,025, Newtownbutler producer Ch 525kg at £1,130, Ch 530kg at £1,120, Ballinamallard producer Ch 485kg at £1,085, Belleek producer CH 475kg at £1,075, Ch 385kg at £945, Ch 390kg at £960.

Fat cows: Leggs producer Ch 760kg at £1,125, Derrylin producer Ch 748kg at £1,110, Ballinamallard producer Ch 650kg at £1,045, Lisnaskea producer Ch 740kg at £1,025, Lisbellaw producer Ch 548kg at £955, Florencecourt producer Ch 610kg at £960, Garrison producer Ch 626kg at £975, Trillick producer Ch 630kg at £985.