Enniskillen Mart: Tremendous entry of 1,000 cattle

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Another tremendous entry of over 1,000 cattle on offer at Thursday’s sales at Enniskillen Mart.

Lightweights sold from £220 to £301 for a Ch 372kg at £1,120, mediumweights sold from £210 to £262 for a Ch 480kg at £1070, heavy weights sold from £190 to £222 for a Ch 594kg at £1,320 and sold up to £1,570 per head.

BULLOCKS: Bellanaleck producer Ch 372kg at £1,120, Ch 324kg at £865, Ch 408kg at £1,070, Ch 406kg at £1,030, Ch 398kg at £1,005, Kinawley producer Ch 386kg at £990, Ch 412kg at £1,045, Fintona producer Ch 594kg at £1,320, Ch 604kg at £1,335, Newtownbutler producer Ch 624kg at £1,370, Lisbellaw producer Ch 794kg at £1,570, Lim 724kg at £1,490, Lim 698kg at £1480, Ch 684kg at £1,460.

WEANLINGS: In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £680 to £1,000 paid for a 403kg Ch, while heifers ranged from £550 to £940 for a 433kg Ch.

Ruling prices: Derrygonnelly producer 403kg Ch steer at £1,000, 340kg Ch steer at £890, 381kg Ch steer at £940, 331kg Ch steer at £900, 340kg Ch steer at £890, 433kg Ch heifer at £940, Enniskillen producer 312 Ch heifer at £715, 321kg Ch heifer at £720, 313kg Ch heifer at £715, 277kg Ch heifer at £630, 335kg Ch heifer at £720, 362kg Ch heifer at £800, 327kg Ch heifer at £810, Kesh producer 323kg Lim heifer at £695, 321kg Lim heifer at £680, 346kg Lim steer at £905, Letterbreen producer 268kg Ch bull at £700, 225kg Ch heifer at £635, 230kg Ch bull at £640, 246kg Ch bull at £695, Lisnaskea producer 312kg Ch steer at £830, 321kg Sim heifer at £655, 318kg Ch heifer at £695, Derrylin producer 227kg Ch bull at £700, 283kg Ch bull at £855, 245kg Lim at £700, 242kg Ch bull at £745, Belleek producer 324kg Ch heifer at £760, 420kg Ch bull at £900, 270kg Ch heifer at £650, 267kg Ch heifer at £660, Garrison producer 283kg Ch steer at £805, 318kg Ch steer at £810, 278k Ch steer at £790, 266kg Ch steer at £810, 306kg Ch steer at £860, 377kg Ch heier at £920, Fivemiletown producer 400kg Ch steer at £920, 392kg Ch steer at £900, 324kg Ch steer at £870, 279kg Ch steer at £750, Augher producer 423kg Ch bull at £900, 390kg Ch bull at £920, 420kg Lim bull at £800, 328kg Ch bull at £860.

CALVES: Drumcose producer Ch bull at £400, Ch heifer at £265, Brookeborough producer Lim bull at £350, Enniskillen producer Sim heifer at £290, Sim bull at £275, Knockraven producer Blonde heifer at £300, Derrylin producer AA heifer at £280, BB heifer at £255, Newtownnutler producer AA bull at £280, Lim bull at £255, Irvinestown producer Lim heifer at £280, Springfield producer Friesian bull at £125, Friesian bull at £118, Derrygonnelly producer Friesian bull at £100, Knockaraven producer at £180.

SUCKLER COWS: Roscor producer Sim cow with bull at £1,680, Her cow with heifer at £1,520, Ch cow with bull at £1,390, Lim cow with bull at £1,320, Lisnaskea producer Sim cow with bull at £1,290, Derrygonnelly producer Ch cow with bull at £1,300, springing Hereford cow at £1,090, Florencecourt producer Sim cow with bull at £1,340, Sim cow with bull at £1,290, Belcoo producer springing Ch cow at £1,130, Castlederg producer springing Hereford cow at £1,100, springing Hereford cow at £1,080.

Heifers: Beef lots sold to 235pk paid for a 525kg Ch at £1,240 and to a top price of £1,235. Medium weights from 100-230ppk paid for a 495kg Ch at £1,140. Light weights from 205-262ppk for a 375kg Ch at £985.

Derrylin producer Ch 525kg at £1,235, Kinawley producer Ch 600kg at £1,220

Armagh producer Lim 495kg at £1,140, Lim 475kg at £1,075, Lim 420kg at £1,040, Ch 430kg at £1,030, Springfield producer Ch 500kg at £1,150, Derrylin producer AA 575kg at £1,200 Ballinamallard producer Ch 525kg at £1,220, Ch 540kg at £1,175, Ch 480kg at £1,110, Ch 470kg at £1,100.

Fat cows: Flourcecourt producer Ch 870kg at £1,285, Ch 740kg at £1,170, Ballinamallard producer Ch 800kg at £1,230, Omagh producer Ch 680kg at £1,215, Ch 640kg at £1,140, Ch 700kg at £1,045, Kinawley producer Ch 616kg at £1,160, Ennisillen producer Ch 790kg at £1,185, Springfield producer Ch 650kg at £1,110, Lisbellaw producer Ch 550kg at £1,020, Macken producer Ch 530kg at £950, Kinawley producer Ch 540kg at £1,020.