Ewes and lambs selling to £208 at Gortin Mart

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Lambs continue to remain a strong trade reaching £130/23kg.

Fat ewes sold to £147 and ewes and lambs selling to £208.


Gary Rankin £130/23kg, £120/27kg, Oliver McKenna £120/29kg, Joseph Kerlin £118/23kg, Adrian Hamilton £117/26kg, Johnathan McClean £114.50/21kg,Seamus Hegarty £115/25kg Alan Patterson £114.50/23kg, Gary Sproule £114/22kg, Aaron Campbell £113.50/22kg, W Campbell £112/23kg, Allan Speer £111.50/22kg, William McKenzie £110/24kg, Dennis Calvert £110/21kg, Mark Armstrong £110/21kg, W Lyttle £110/21kg, Joesph Gormley £110/22kg, Desmond McElrea £109/21kg, Francis McBride £109/21kg, K and G Pinkerton £107/21kg, R Christie £107/21kg, Brian Lynch £107/21kg, P and M Mullan £106/21kg, W Patterson £102.50/19kg, Adrain Hamilton £100/20kg, Seamus Hegerty £100/20kg, Adrian Devine £97/20kg, Keith Campton £97/20kg, Peter Todd £96.50/20kg, Ronan Ward £96/20kg, Stephen Lindsay £94/19kg and Aaron Campbell £94/19kg.


Gary Rankin £147, Wesley Davidson £122, E Steele £118,£112, Derek Beattie £117, Allan Speer £117, Seamus Hegerty £106, Ronan Ward £105, Adrain Hamilton £101, S Moore £101, £100, £98, John McConnell £96, Alan Patterson £96, S Kelly £96, £95, £93 and Samuel Carmichael £88.


Alan Patterson £208, £170, Wesley Davidson £205, £158, £132, J A McGrath £142 and Sean McEldowney £105.