Excellent show of 400 calves at Saintfield show and sale

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Due to a production error the following Saintfield report appeared in Saturday’s Farming Life under the heading for Markethill.

There was an excellent show of 400 calves for the show and sale at Saintfield on Friday with some fantastic prices throughout and prices holding firm.

Champion bull calf £1020 for 400Kg Lim.

Champion heifer calf £1000 for 380Kg Lim.

Leading prices: Downpatrick producer Char bulls 420Kg £1100, 380Kg £960, 370Kg £900, Loughisland producer Char bulls 430Kg £1060,, 330Kg £1000, 390Kg £1000, 460Kg £955, 300Kg £940, 360Kg £940, 350Kg £885, 390Kg £880, Ch heifer 390Kg £1000 Lim bull 380Kg £925, 370Kg £920, 370Kg £915,350Kg £900, Crossgar producers Lim bulls 400Kg £1020, 430Kg £970,Daq bull 390Kg £880, Killyleagh producer Lim heifer 380Kg £1000, Comber producer Char bulls 460Kg £985, 380Kg £930, 380Kg £930,360Kg £910, 360Kg £900,360Kg £900,350Kg £880, Lim bulls 370Kg £895, 370Kg £890, Saintfield producers Char bulls 420Kg £980,400Kg £900, 400Kg £900, Lisburn producer Daq bull 470Kg £980, Strangford producer Lim heifer 310Kg £970, Char bulls 440Kg £965,450Kg £940, 390Kg £940, 450Kg £910, 400Kg £900, Lim bulls 380Kg £895, 380Kg £885, Downpatrick producers Lim bull 450Kg £960, Lim heifer 370Kg £940,Lim bull 330Kg £900, Ballynahinch producers BB heifer 400Kg £950, Ch bull 360Kg £930, Lim heifer 330Kg £920, Lim heifer 350Kg £900, Lim bull 360Kg £900, Ballywalter producer Lim bull 390Kg £900, Dromara producer Lim heifer 360Kg £900, Greyabbey producer Lim bull 410Kg £890.