Exceptional prices for cattle at Camlough

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Camlough Mart’s sale on Wednesday followed on the same trend as was Keady on Friday with all stock being met with high demand.

Mullaghbawn farmer topping out at £2.54 per kg.

Local farmer with a pen of exceptinal heifers reaching £1400, £1340 and £1310.

More cattle needed to meet demand.

Steers: 560kg, 203.6/100k, £1140, 525kg, 200.0/100k, £1050, 405kg, 209.9/100k, £850, 345kg, 208.7/100k, £720, 370kg, 227.0/100k, £840.

Heifers: 565kg, 205.3/100k, £1160, 700kg, 200.0/100k, £1400, 430kg, 202.3/100k, £870, 470kg, 202.1/100k, £950, 420kg, 220.0/100k, £925, 570kg, 204.4/100k, £1165.

Weanlings: 350kg, 254.3/100k, £890, 320kg, 243.8/100k, £780, 325kg, 229.2/100k, £745, 285kg, 228.1/100k, £650, 355kg, 208.5/100k, £740, 245kg, 228.6/100k, £560.