Exceptional trade for cattle at Rathfriland Co-Op

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Cattle trade last Friday was exceptionally dear.

Bullocks topped at £1,255 twice for an Angus from a Millvale farm and a Sim from Glenloughlin weighing 630k.

A Ballykeel farmer sold a 600k Ch at £1,180 and 424k Lim at £1,080. Mayobridge farmer: 3 Lims eg 614k at £1,160, 570k at £1,075 and 516k at £1,060. A Ballymageough farmer: 590k at £1,160, 580k at £1,105 and 512k at £1,015. Glenloughlin farmer: 580k at £1,110 and 540k at £1,090. Ballymartin farmer: 580k at £1,105. Friesian bullocks sold to 174p/k for 450k at £785.

Heifers were equally as dear, eg Millvale farmer: 600k at £1,135, 612k at £1,120, 576k at £1,095, 544k at £1,035 and 570k at £1,020. Ballykeel farmer: 508k at £970 and 518k at £940. Castlewellan farmer: 540k at £945, 444k at £875, 476k at £870. Chestnut farms: 404k at £855.

WEANLINGS: A great trade for weanlings with males selling to £965 and females to £905. Some very high prices per kilo eg Banbridge farmer: 294k at £740 or 252p/k, 302k at £750 or 248p/k, 322k at £780 or 242p/k and 350k at £790, 312k at £640, 260k at £575.

DROPPED CALVES: Saintfield farmer: Lim bulls £440 and £435. Seafin farmer: £385 and £320. Lurgan farmer: £350. Castlewellan farmer: £325 and £320. Hereford heifer calves reached £280 twice from a Castlewellan farm. BB heifers sold to £280 from Dromore. Cahard farmer: Angus heifers to £250.

A much improved trade for sheep last Tuesday evening with hoggets selling to £90 for Jerrettspass farmer. The top 10 lots sold from £88 to £90, which is an increase of £5.00 per head on the week before eg, Ballinaskeagh farmer: 27k at £89. Damolly farmer: 27k at £89. Katesbridge farmer: 27.4k at £89. Ballyward farmer: 29.5k at £89. Kilkeel farmer: 26k at £88.50. Kinallen farmer: 27k at £88.50. Corbet farmer: 27.2k at £88.50. Newry farmer: 28k at £88. Ballyward farmer: 25k at £88.

FAT EWES: Mayobridge farmer: £108. Katesbridge farmer: £93. Ballyward farmer: £90. Newry farmer: £90. Portadown farmer: £90. Ballynahinch farmer: £89. Shinn farmer: £88. Shanrod farmer: £87.50.

BREEDERS: A larger entry of springing ewes sold from £90 to £120 per head.