Exceptionally good trade for all sheep on offer at Raphoe Mart

Raphoe Mart
Raphoe Mart

There was a good entry of sheep at Raphoe Mart on Monday, November 19th with an exceptionally good trade for all sheep on offer.

Lambs sold at:

€60 to €70 for light lambs;

€70 to €80 for 30-36 kgs;

€80 to €90 for 36-42 kgs;

€90 to €100 for 43-47 kgs;

€100 to €112 for 48-56 kgs.

Dry ewes sold from €60 to €120 each.

Cattle sale Thursday, November 22nd 2018.

Top class bulls over 600 kgs - €520 to €830 over.

Beef bullocks - €580 to €720 over.

Store bullocks - €380 to €798 over.

Beef heifers - €480 to €760 over.

Store heifers - €350 to €720 over

Dry cows - €665 to €1,390 each.

Trade remains similar to last week at Raphoe Mart on Thursday, November 22nd with quality in-spec cattle most sought after.

Lighter plainer types remain most difficult to sell.

Bullocks sold from €1.90/kg to €2.50/kg.

Bulls sold from €1.80/kg to €2.40/kg.

Heifers sold from €1.90/kg to €2.60/kg.

Fat cows sold from €665/head to €1,390/head.

Upcoming sales

Fatstock cattle show and sale on Friday, December 7th.

Raphoe Livestock Mart fatstock show and sale on Friday, December 7th 2018.


1 Best fat cow

2 Housewife's Choice under 600kgs – Male of female

3 Best heifer no teeth

4 Best heifer, two or more teeth

5 Best pair females

6 Best bullock, no teeth

7 Best bullock, two or more teeth

8 Best pair males

Animals can only be entered in one class.

The winner of the Housewife's Choice class will not be eligible for overall champion.

Booking fee €10 per animal to be paid at time of entry.

No cattle accepted on the day.

Closing date for entries: Monday, November 26th at 12/noon.

No animals will be accepted after this date.

Cattle must be penned before 9.30am.

Regular sales

Sheep sale every Monday at 11am.

Cattle sale every Thursday at 11am.