Exceptionally strong trade for cattle at Markethill

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Another very large entry of store cattle, weanlings and sucklers in Markethill on Saturday, 15th April continued to sell in an exceptionally strong trade.

190 store heifers attracted buyers and sellers from throughout Northern Ireland.

Good quality forward heifers sold from £200 to £228 per 100k for 504k Char at £1150 for a Newtownhamilton farmer. Top price £1260 for 600k for a Newry farmer. Main demand for forward heifers from £200 to £212 per 100k.

Midweight heifers sold to £239 per100k for 412k at £985 for a Nutts Corner farmer. Main demand from £200 to £226 per 100k.

Lightweight heifers sold to £249 per 100k for 394k at £980 for a Nutts Corner farmer. Main demand from £205 to £235 per 100k.

170 bullocks continued to sell in an excellent trade with forward bullocks from £200 to £226 per 100k for 504k at £1140 for a Belleeks farmer.

Good quality midweights from £210 to £233 per 100k for 488k at £1135.

Friesian bullocks sold from £145 to £159 per 100k for 648k at £1020 for a Rathfriland farmer, top price £1030 for 670k.

150 weanlings sold in a steady trade, good quality males from £230 to £282 per 100k for 284k at £800. Suitable hifer weanlings sold from £220 to £269 for 316k Char at £850 for an Armagh farmer.

A large entry of sucklers sold in excellent demand. Keady farmer sold a Lim cow and a bull calf at £1580, Gilford farmer sold Char cow and bull calf at £1520. Several more outfits sold from £1100 to £1460 each.

Forward heifers: Newtownhamilton farmer 504k £1150 229p/k: Gilford farmer 556k £1170 211p/k: Loughgilly farmer 602k £1260 209p/k: Cullyhanna farmer 526k £1100 209p/k: Cullyhanna farmer 560k £1170 209p/k: Jonesborough farmer 528k £1095 207p/k: Banbridge farmer 514k £1055 205p/k:.

Middleweight heifers: Nutts Corner farmer 412k £985 239p/k: Silverbridge farmer 470k £1060 226p/k: Loughgilly farmer 428k £945 221p/k: Cullyhanna farmer 488k £1055 216p/k: Nutts Corner farmer 408k £880 216p/k: Killylea farmer 416k £890 214p/k: Markethill farmer 402k £855 213p/k: Mullaghbawn farmer 410k £870 212p/k.

Lightweight heifers: Nutts Corner farmer 394k £980 249p/k: Milford farmer 342k £805 235p/k: Sixmilecross farmer 324k £755 233p/k: Keady farmer 332k £770 232p: Milford farmer 332k £765 230p/k: Nutts Corner farmer 380k £865 228p/k: Newtownhamilton farmer 394k £885 225p/k: Nutts Corner farmer 394k £875 222p/k.

Forward steers: Belleeks farmer 504k £1140 226p/k: Outlacken farmer 504k £1130 224p/k: Tandragee farmer 518k £1125 217p/k: Armagh farmer 600k £1270 212p/k: Markethill farmer 538k £1135 211p/k: Newtownhamilton farmer 536k £1125 210p/k: Jonesborough farmer 518k £1085 209p/k: Annaghmore farmer 542k £1130 208p/k.

Middleweight steers: Belleeks farmer 488k £1135 233p/k: Keady farmer 422k £965 229p/k: Keady farmer 406k £915 225p/k: Belleeks farmer 492k £1100 224p/k: Outlacken farmer 486k £1085 223p/k: Keady farmer 426k £940 221p/k: Annaghmore farmer 444k £970 218p/k: Jonesborough farmer 418k £910 218p/k.

Friesian steers: Rathfriland farmer 648k £1020 158p/k: 670k £1030 154p/k: Markethill farmer 550k £845 154p/k: Rathfriland farmer 656k £1000 152p/k: Lurgan farmer 516k £780 151p/k: Markethill farmer 526k £790 150p/k: Loughgall farmer 530k £790 149p/k: Markethill farmer 582k £865 149p/k.

Male weanlings: Newtownhamilton farmer 284k £800 282p/k: Loughgall farmer 244k £685 281p/k: Newtownhamilton farmer 242k £645 267p/k: Markethill farmer 234k £615 263p/k: Portadown farmer 298k £770 258p/k: Crossmaglen farmer 280k £720 257p/k: Newtownhamilton farmer 236k £605 256p/k: Loughgall farmer 282k £715 254p/k.

Female weanlings: Armagh farmer 316k £850 269p/k: Newtownhamilton farmer 316k £815 258p/k: Portadown farmer 336k £840 250p/k: Newtownhamilton farmer 338k £840 249p/k: Markethill farmer 328k £770 235p/k: Loughgall farmer 326k £760 233p/k: Crossmaglen farmer 310k £715 231p/k: Poyntzpass farmer 308k £700 227p/k.