Fat bulls sell to £1500.40 at Clogher Mart

Another large entry of 1158 cattle on offer at Clogher Mart on Saturday, October 19 produced a firm demand for quality lots in all sections.

Monday, 21st October 2019, 1:09 pm
Clogher Mart
Clogher Mart

This week cow heifers sold to £1215.20 for a 620kg Limousin to £196 per 100kg followed by a 680kg Charolais to £173 (£1176.40).

Beef cows sold to £1305 for a 750kg Charolais to £174 per 100kg followed by a 730kg Limousin to £170 (£1241).

Fleshed Friesian cows sold to £116 for a 770kg (£893.20).

Fat bulls sold to £1500.40 for a 1210kg Hereford to £124.

Fat steers overage to £184 for a 680kg Charolais.

Fat steers underage to £183 for a 760kg Limousin.

Fat heifers overage to £200 for a 550kg Limousin.

Fat heifers underage to £175 for a 520kg Limousin.

Leading prices in fatstock ring for beef cows and cow heifers as follows: Brookeborough producer 620kg Limousin to £196 (£1215.20), Castlederg producer 750kg Charolais to £174 (£1305), Cookstown producer 680kg Charolais to £173 (£1176.40), Brookeborough producer 730kg Limousin to £170 (£1241), Ballygawley producer 650kg Limousin to £170 (£1105), Aghalane producer 640kg Charolais to £167. Augher producer 660kg Limousin to £165. Lisnaskea producer 730kg Aberdeen Angus to £159. Carrickmore producer 720kg Charolais to £158. Derrylin producer 680kg Limousin to £156.

Other quality lots sold from £127 to £152 per 100kg.

Second quality lots sold from £110 to £125 per 100kg.

Fleshed Friesian cows sold from £107 to £116 per 100kg.

Plainer lots sold from £80 to £105 per 100kg.

Poorer types sold from £42 to £73 per 100kg.


1210kg Hereford to £124 (£1500.40), 970kg Charolais to £117 (£1134.90), 770kg Limousin to £116. 980kg Hereford to £113. 780kg Piemontese to £110. 850kg Charolais to £108. 940kg Limousin to £108. 1040kg Shorthorn. to £103 (£1071.20) 720kg Holstein to £92. 1000kg Charolais to £90 (£900).


680kg Charolais to £184. 710kg Charolais to £179. 630kg Charolais to £176. 570kg Charolais to £172. 750kg Belgian Blue to £152. 490kg Blonde d'Aquitaine to £136. 600kg Aberdeen Angus to £132. 530kg Charolais to £126. 890kg Shorthorn. to £116. 800kg Shorthorn beef to £114. 870kg Friesian to £104.


760kg Limousin to £183. 670kg Charolais to £174. 530kg Charolais to £169. 560kg Charolais to 3160. 840kg Charolais to £160. 490kg Aberdeen Angus to £158. 640kg Aberdeen Angus to £158. 620kg Fleckvieh to £150. 500kg Belgian Blue to £150. 720kg Simmental to £146. 700kg Friesian to £143. 690kg Friesian to £143.590kg Friesian to £138. Other Friesians sold from £104 to £130 per 100kg.


550kg Limousin to £200. 610kg Limousin to £196. 570kg Simmental to £175. 630kg British Blue to £174. 590kg Limousin to £171. 550kg Limousin to £171. 640kg Simmental to £161. 590kg Limousin to £156.


520kg Limousin to £175. 620kg Limousin to £170. 590kg Charolais to £156. 560kg Charolais to £154. 500kg Aberdeen Angus to £152. 460kg Limousin to £150. 540kg Aberdeen Angus to £148. 510kg Simmental to £140. Friesians sold from £106 to £132 per 100kg.


A good selection on offer sold readily with forward lots selling to £1285 for a 640kg Limousin (£201), 730kg Charolais to £1165 and 560kg Charolais to £885 for K Berry, Armagh. P Kearney, Swatragh 570kg Charolais to £1030 (£181), G Haughey, Fintona 600kg Charolais to £1025, 580kg Charolais to £1020 and 630kg Charolais to £1015. P Donaghy, Tynan 610kg Charolais to £1020, 610kg Aberdeen Angus to £935 and 540kg Limousin to £850. J D Shaw, Maguiresbridge 550kg Charolais to £980, 520kg Charolais to £970, 550kg Charolais to £950 and 520kg Charolais to £930. P Brady, Caledon 610kg Charolais to £950, 560kg Limousin to £940 and 530kg Charolais to £850. R Busby, Ballygawley 600kg Simmental to £885. A McKenna, Augher 550kg Limousin to £880. D McLaren, Omagh 530kg Charolais to £850.


E Conroy, Killyman 470kg Hereford to £900 (£191), P Gilroy, Derrylin 480kg Limousin to £890. G Snodgrass, Sion Mills 460kg Limousin to £860, 490kg Limousin to £775 and 490kg Limousin to £760. D McLaren, Omagh 450kg Limousin to £840, 420kg Limousin to £755, 470kg Charolais to £745 and 420kg Simmental to £730. M McCaughey, Clogher 490kg Limousin to £800, 440kg Limousin to £765. J G Coffey, Newtownbutler 460kg Charolais to £790, 490kg Charolais to £780, 440kg Charolais to £745 and 430kg Charolais to £730. J and D Shaw, Maguiresbridge 450kg Limousin to £785. W Cairns, Aghalee 490kg Charolais to £785. P Kearney, Swatragh 420kg Charolais to £725.


J G Coffey, Newtownbutler 350kg Charolais to £740 and 380kg Charolais to £700. J and E Reid, Trillick 370kg Limousin to £620 and 390kg Charolais to £560. L J Allen, Augher 390kg Aberdeen Angus to £605 and 370kg Aberdeen Angus to £550.


A much larger turnout sold to a firmer demand with steers and bulls selling to £1005 for a 500kg Charolais (£200), 370kg Charolais to £900 (£243), 300kg Charolais to £800 (£266) and 350kgg Charolais to £790 (£226) for B McCrystal, Omagh. L G Boyle, Rosslea 460kg Limousin to £980 (£213), B McConnell, Clogher 450kg Limousin to £860. M Allen, Loughgall 420kg Limousin to £840. B McGrenaghan, Trillick 420kg Limousin to £835. S Mullen, Loughgall 390kg Limousin to £835 and 360kg Limousin to £780. J Carroll, Loughgall 430kg Limousin to £800 and 380kg Hereford to £775. K McCrumlish, Omagh 360kg Limousin to £800 (£222), A McKenna, Augher 410kg Limousin to £800. R Busby, Ballygawley 430kg Hereford to £790. J Fullerton, Benburb 450kg Aberdeen Angus to £780 and 310kg Charolais to £740 (£239), P Scott, Nutts Corner 410kg Charolais to £775. J Quinn, Dungannon 350kg Charolais to £745. D McLaren, Omagh 350kg Limousin to £745.


A McKenna, Augher 440kg Limousin to £1045 (£237.50) and 360kg Limousin to £785 (£218), P McElroy, Clogher 460kg Charolais to £915 (£199), 400kg Charolais to £800 and 390kg Charolais to £800. S Mullen, Loughgall 390kg Limousin to £830, and 390kg Limousin to £800. K McCrumlish, Omagh 430kg Limousin to £820, 350kg Limousin to £750, 360kg Limousin to £740, 370kg Limousin to £725 and 410kg Limousin to £710. B McCrystal, Omagh 330kg Charolais to £800 (£242) and 360kg Charolais to £790 (£219), T McGuigan, Middletown 420kg Shorthorn beef to £760. J McElroy, Clogher 360kg Charolais to £755. E T Smyth, Fivemiletown 430kg Charolais to £735 and 420kg Charolais to £730.


A smaller entry sold to a brisk demand with a Dungannon producer selling a calved heifer to £1570. A Ballygawley producer sold a calved heifer to £1500. Dungannon producer £1470 for calved heifer.


A brisk demand for quality lots with R Domer, Clogher selling heifers with heifer calves to £1800 and £1400. B D Breen, Fintona £1705 for heifer with bull calf, £1690 and £1550 for heifers with heifer calves. I Nicholl, Lisbellaw £1555 for third calver with bull calf and £1270 for third calver with heifer calf. G Doyle, Pomeroy £1470 for 2010 cow with heifer calf, £1320 for 2008 cow with heifer calf and £1225 for 2008 cow with bull calf. Clogher producer £1330 and £1250 for heifers with heifer calves at foot. A Green, Cooneen £1200 for second calver with bull calf and £1200 for 2009 cow with heifer calf. C Fee, Tempo £1120 for third calver with bull calf and £1035 for 2008 cow with bull calf. S McConnell, Clogher £1000 for third calver with heifer calf. Incalf cows and heifers sold to £1005, £900 and £800 twice.


A smaller entry sold easily to a keen demand with bull calves (under two months) selling to £535 for a Limousin to an Augher producer. S Daly, Omagh £475 for Charolais, S Nicholl, Lisbellaw £465 for Aberdeen Angus, M and P Gleeson Lisnaskea £435 for Charolais D Capper Portadown £375 for Limousin G and D Johnston Lisnaskea £350 and £270 for B/Bs. E Conroy Killyman £295 for Aberdeen Angus G J Elliott Derrygonnelly £260 for Sal. R Hassard Enniskillen £260 for Aberdeen Angus A Maguire Lisbellaw £260 for Aberdeen Angus


Augher producer £445 for Aberdeen Angus, S Nicholl, Lisbellaw £355 for Limousin, Omagh producer £265 for Belgian Blue, E McDermott, Lisnaskea £260 for Aberdeen Angus, M/S G and D Johnston, Lisnaskea £250 for Belgian Blue, R Little, Tempo £240 for Aberdeen Angus and E Conroy, Killyman £240 for Limousin.


S McKeown, Sixmilecross £705, £650, £615, £570, £535 and £530 for Simmental and £640 for Charolais P McDonnell Dungannon £625 for Limousin D Sloan Dungannon £620 for Aberdeen Angus Clogher producer £580 for Limousin E Crawford Stewartstown £580 for Charolais D Farrell Fivemiletown £570 for Charolais Augher producer £560 for Charolais and £535 for Limousin


Augher producer £630 for Charolais, E Conroy, Killyman £600 for Aberdeen Angus, P McDonnell, Dungannon £530, £505, £500 x 2 for Charolais. D Sloan, Dungannon £520 and £470 for Aberdeen Angus. J F McGuinness, Eglinton £495 for British Blue and £490 for Limousin, B McGirr, Fintona £470 for Limousin, R Elliott, Fivemiletown £450 for Limousin, Ballygawley producer £450 for Aberdeen Angus Dungannon producer £445 for Aberdeen Angus and Clogher producer £445 for Aberdeen Angus.