Fat cows sell to £1,260 at Rathfriland Co-Op

Rathfriland Mart
Rathfriland Mart

One of the largest ever entries of cattle for March were seen on Friday, March 23rd.

These sold in an excellent trade with new buyers present each week.

A highlight of the sale was the fat cow section where a 826k lot sold to £1,260 from a Corbet farm.

An 810k lot from the same farm sold at £1,250.

A Kilkeel farmer sold an 864k Holstein at £1,205.

An entry of 310 dropped and weanling calves sold to £1,080 for a 514k Limousin male from Ballyroney.

A 384k Charolais male from Edenagarry sold at £1,080.

A top pence per kilo of 289p was paid for a 232k Limousin at £670 and 244k at £700 (287p/k) from the same farm.

Dropped calves sold to £445 twice from a Ballyward farm.

Store heifers sold to £1,070 for a 532k lot from Rathfriland with bullocks reaching £1,180 for 554k from a Rostrevor farm.


Ballyward farmer: £445, £445, £440, £430, £400 and £360. Loughbrickland farmer: Aberdeen Angus bull £360. Armagh farmer: Charolais bull £360, Belgian Blue bull £340. Carnew farmer: Limousin bull £345, heifers £240 and £230. Sheepbridge farmer: Fleckvieh heifers £295 (twice). Quilly farmer: Hereford female £290. Downpatrick farmer: £290.


Ballyroney farmer: 514k at £1,080 and 402k at £875. Edenagarry farmer: 384k at £1,050, 370k at £900. Rostrevor farmer: 554k at £1,090, 454k at£980, 476k at £970, 452k at £930, 416k at £875, 392k at £815. Saintfield farmer: 366k at £880, 364k at £850, 342k at £800, 318k at £775, 348k at £770. Moira farmer: 346k at £770, 270k at £760 and 274k at £730. Rostrevor farmer: 326k at £700 and 228k at £620. Jerrettspass farmer: 368k at £800 and 382k at £790. Kilcoo farmer: 388k at £905. Ballymartin farmer: 410k at £830, 340k at £810, 346k at £810 and 358k at £800. Banbridge farmer: 232k at £670, 244k at £700, 272k at £720 and 386k at £820.


Rathfriland farmer: 532k at £1,070. Backaderry farmer: 510k at £1,005, 524k at £1,000. Fedney farmer: 536k at £1,000, 506k at £990, 484k at £980. Ballyroney farmer: 404k at £810 and 374k at £730. Kilkeel farmer: 204k at £460, 228k at £600. Dromore farmer: 336k at £690 and 458k at £990.


Corbet farmer: 826k at £1,260, 810k at £1,250. Kilkeel farmer: Holstein cows, 864k at £1,205 and 636k at £800. Lisburn farmer: 202k at £1,070 and 590k at £855. Newcastle farmer: 660k at £940. Mayobridge farmer: 594k at £860. Tullyframe farmer: 576k at £790 etc.


Killowen farmer: 554k at £1,180, 508k at £1,095. Lisnacree farmer: 584k at £1,140, 574k at £1,030, 534k at £1,020. Rathfriland farmer: 534k at £1,170, 540k at £1,115, 484k at £1,100. Sheeptown farmer: 616k at £1,105. Fedney farmer: 588k at £1,040. Dromore farmer: 414k at £855, 372k at £800, 380k @ £790, 344k at £765.

800 sheep on Tuesday evening saw hoggets sell to £120 for a Banbridge farmer with quality not to the same standard as previous weeks.

250 fat ewes sold to £110 for a Ballinaskeagh farmer.

Ewes with lambs at foot sold to £178 each for a Castlewellan farmer.

A smaller offering of spring lambs sold to £117 for a Hilltown farmer.


Banbridge farmer: £120. Dromara farmer: £112.50. Annalong farmer: £112.50. Kilkeel farmer: £112. Moneydarragh farmer: £110. Mullaghdrin farmer: £110 for 33 hoggets. Dromore farmer: £107. Drumlough farmer: £107.


Ballinaskeagh farmer: £110. Rathfriland farmer: £99. Ballyward farmer: £98. Mayobridge farmer: £96. Rostrevor farmer: £95. Shinn farmer: £92. 5 lots of ewes sold at £90 per head.


Breeders topped at £178, £162 and from £138 up.