Fat ewes sell to £120 at Lisahally Mart

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Great demand on Tuesday with fat lambs selling to £111.

Store lambs selling to £92.20 and fat ewes selling to £120.


Thomas Irons £111/32kg, Alan Dougherty £108.80/26kg, D Martin £107/25kg, Graeme Cowan £107/30kg, Craig Hamilton £106/27kg, Michael O’Hara £106.80/24kg, Andrew McLeister £106/27kg, Olsen Allen £106/26kg, Alan McMurray £105.80/27kg,William Mitchell £105/28kg, Martin Doherty £105/26kg, Edward McGinnis £105/27kg, William Mitchell £105/28kg, J Donnell £104.50/26kg, Henry Reilly £104/7kg, Martin O’Connor £103/23kg, Craig Hamilton £103/25kg, Siobhan O’Connor £103/23kg, Alan McCrea £102.50/25kg, William Allen £102.50/25kg, Samuel Miller £102/27kg, Martin O’Connor £102/25kg, D Martin £101.50/25kg, C McCrudden £101.50/25kg, Patrick O’Connor £101/24kg, Henry Reilly £101/26kg, Owen McDevitt £100/23kg, Robert Quigley £100/24kg, Martin O’Connor £100/27kg and W Kennedy £100/24kg.


W Kennedy £92.20/20kg, £90.50, Thomas Henderson £90, Eoin Crosson £90, John McGarrigle £81.50, R Olphert £79.50 and W Kennedy £70.


Harry McGilligan £120, £120, D and A McCrea £115, Graeme Cowan £114, Thomas Irons £93, Owen McDevitt £92, £89, John Logue £87, Owen McDevitt £85, Thomas Henderson £85, David Martin £85, Stephen Johnston £82, G Begley £81, R and S Scott £80, Kenneth Johnston £80, Alan McCrea £79 and Owen McDevitt £77.