Fat ewes sell to £137 at Swatragh Mart

Swatragh Mart
Swatragh Mart

Sheep: A great show of over 1,100 head was presented at Swatragh Livestock Mart on Saturday which was met with a very strong trade for all types of stock.

A small entry of saw great demand for well fleshed ewes, topping at £137 for two Texels with many lots passing £100.

Over 1,000 lambs were presented for sale, topping at £97.00 for 29kg with store lambs continuing to be an extremely strong trade selling to £75.00 plus.

Sample prices: Heavyweight lambs - Limavady producer; 29kg at £97.00 = 3.34p; Maghera producer; 26.6kg at £96.00 = 3.61p; Bellaghy producer; 27kg at £94.50 = 3.50p; Kilrea producer; 25kg at £94.00 = 3.76p; Coleraine producer; 27.4kg at £92.00 = 3.36p; Kilrea producer; 26.7kg at £91.80 = 3.44p; Knockloughrim producer; 25.3kg at £91.00 = 3.60p; Kilrea producer; 26.7kg at £91.80 = 3.44p; Swatragh producer; 28kg at £90.80 = 3.24p; Swatragh producer; 26.3kg at £90.00 = 3.42p and Ballymoney producer; 26.5kg at £89.50 = 3.33p.

Mid-weight lambs: Limavady producer; 24.6kg at £89.00 = 3.62p; Maghera producer; 24.4kg at £89.00 = 3.65p; Limavady producer; 24.3kg at £90.80 = 3.74p; Swatragh producer; 23.8kg at £90.80 = 3.82p; Kilrea producer; 23.3kg at £88.00 = 3.78p; Eglinton producer; 22.6kg at £87.00 = 3.85p; Dungiven producer; 21.8kg at £83.50 = 3.83p and Dungiven producer; 21.8kg at £80.00 = 3.67p.

Lightweight lambs: Swatragh producer; 20.3kg at £80.00 = 3.95p; Kilrea producer; 19kg at £79.50 = 4.18p; Swatragh producer; 18.3kg at £75.50 = 4.13p; Swatragh producer; 18kg at £73.20 = 4.07p and Kilrea producer; 17.4kg at £72.20 = 4.15p.

Sample fat ewe prices: Dungannon producer; 2 ewes at £137; Magherafelt producer; 3 ewes at £113; Coleraine producer; 1 ewe at £107; Kilrea producer; 1 ewe at £104 and Cookstown producer; 1 ewe at £105.


A great show of store cattle was presented at Swatragh Livestock Mart on Monday which was met with a strong trade for the cattle on offer.

Store heifers sold to £1,060 for a Limousin weighing 516kg.

Store bullocks sold to £1050 for a Charolais weighing 550kg.

Cull cows sold to £730 for a Limousin weighing 668kg.

Cows and calves sold to £1,160 for a Shorthorn cow with a Limousin bull calf at foot.

Monday cattle sale now closed for the holiday season; weekly cattle sales will resume on Monday, January 14th 2019.

Special dispersal sale of pedigree Limousin cattle on Wednesday, December 19th 2018 at 7.30pm on behalf of Lineview Limousins, Rosslea, Co Fermanagh.

Contact main office on 02879401246 or Louise on 07596369000 for more information.

Heifers: Maghera producer; Limousin 516kg at £1,060 = 2.05p; Limousin 502kg at £1,025 = 2.04p; Limousin 518kg at £1,035 = 2.00p; Limousin 474kg at £925 = 1.95p; Maghera producer; Limousin 516kg at £1,035 = 2.01p; Limousin 536kg at £1,020 = 1.90p; Charolais 482kg at £935 = 1.94p; Charolais 526kg at £950 = 1.81p; Blonde d’Aquitaine 526kg at £970 = 1.84p; Maghera producer; Limousin 422kg at £845 = 2.00p; Garvagh producer; Charolais 488kg at £930 = 1.91p; Charolais 490kg at £910 = 1.86p; Charolais 486kg at £850 = 1.75p; Charolais 410kg at £710 = 1.73p; Upperlands producer; Simmental 350kg at £745 = 2.13p; Belgian Blue 494kg at £640 = 1.30p; Swatragh producer; Limousin 458kg at £850 = 1.86p; Charolais 496kg at £920 = 1.85p; Blonde d’Aquitaine 478kg at £800 = 1.67p; Swatragh producer; Simmental 490kg at £1010 = 2.06p; Limousin 376kg at £840 = 2.23p; Simmental 360kg at £790 = 2.19p; Limousin 374kg at £795 = 2.13p; Limousin 382kg at £755 = 1.98p; Simmental 330kg at £600 = 1.82p; Limousin 398kg at £700 = 1.76p.

Bullocks: Maghera producer; Simmental 340kg at £755 = 2.22p; Garvagh producer; Limousin 336kg at £705 = 2.10p; Limousin 382kg at £770 = 2.02p; Swatragh producer; Aberdeen Angus 514kg at £1020 = 1.98p; Limousin 410kg at £800 = 1.95p; Garvagh producer; Limousin 498kg at £840 = 1.69p; Garvagh producer; Charolais 550kg at £1050 = 1.91p; Charolais 482kg at £900 = 1.87p.

Cows and calves: Kilrea producer; Shorthorn cow with Limousin bull calf at £1,160; Shorthorn cow with Shorthorn heifer calf at foot; £840.

Cull cows: Swatragh producer; Limousin 668kg at £730 = 1.09p; Simmental 622kg at £660 = 1.06p.

Payment on the day.

Producer incentive: There will be a £100 Northern Counties Farmware Store Voucher to be won every month at both the sheep and cattle marts.

Cattle sale - Every animal sold will guarantee one entry into the monthly draw.

Sheep Sale - Every 10 sheep sold will guarantee one entry into the Monthly draw.

December 2018 sponsor – Danske Bank

Please note: Swatragh Mart now offer payment by electronic transfer, a fast, easy, safe and secure way to receive payment for stock.

Cattle sale: Every Monday at 11.30am.

Sheep sale: Every Saturday at 11am.