Fat lamb prices remain firm at Gortin Mart

Gortin Mart
Gortin Mart

Fat lamb prices remained firm selling to £85.

Store lambs selling to £73 and fat ewes selling to £108.


Stephen Lindsay £85/28kg, T R Crawford £84.50/27kg, Brian Lynch £84/27kg, John Adair £83.50/26kg, M McGuigan £83.50/25kg, £83.50/25kg, Albert Breen £83/26kg, William McFarland £82.50/25kg, Edna Cartwright £82/25kg, Allan Spers 38120/23kg, Charles Elkin £81.00/24kg, Charles Beattie £80.50/24kg, Nigel Laughlin £80/24kg, John McMenamin £80/24kg and A and A J Hetherington £79.80/23kg.


Edna Cartwright £73, R Boyd £73, £71, James O'Hagan £70, John Lowe £70, J Pickins £68,£67, John Lowe £67.50, Cathal Gallagher £67, Declan Gallagher £67, R Boyd £67, J Pickens £66.80, T and J Adams £65.50, Francis O'Donnell £65, Declan Carolan £61, Francis O'Donnell £60.50, R Boyd £60, Bracken Hill Farms £60 and Eamon Conway £60.


Bracken Hill Farms £108, S Moore £108, £106, £105, Cahal Gallagher £75, John Beattie £71, Francis Bradley £70, William Lees £70, John McGarvey £60, A and A J Hetherington £60 and Rose McAleer £59.