Fat lambs sel to £90 for 23kg at Gortin Mart

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Fat lambs sold to a steady trade at Gortin Mart and there was another full yard of stock.

Fat lambs sold to £90 for 23kg, store lambs sold to £77, fat ewes sold to £92, breeding hoggets sold to £150 and breeding rams sold to 380gns.

FAT LAMBS: Keith Mullan £90/23kg, Jonathan Doyle £89.50/22kg, Reid Clarke £86/24kg, Barry McNamee £85/24kg, Gerard McBride £85/26kg, Kevin Woods £84/25kg, Eimar McGrellis £83.80/26kg, W Martin £83.50/24kg, Henry Hilliard £83.50/25kg, W Martin £83.50/24kg, Peter McGurk £83/24kg, Gary Lecky £83/23kg, Allan Speer £82.50/23kg, Patrick Doherty £82.50/23kg, Andrew Cooke £82/23kg, Robert Henry £81/25kg, Linda Gourley £81/24kg, Albert Baxter £80.50/22kg, Aubrey McKelvey £80.50/22kg, Drew Baxter £80.50/23kg ,Adrian Hamilton 80/23kg, James Doherty £80/23kg, Vincent Keenan £80/22kg, Aubrey Hawkes £80/22kg.

STORE LAMBS: Aaron Hempton £77, Brian Wilkinson £76.80, John Conway £76.50, Kevin Woods £76.50, Mark Campton £75, Eamon McGirr £74, Wayne McElmurray £72.80, David Hutchinson £72.20.

FAT EWES: Dessie Campbell £92, William Young £88, Reid Clarke £87, D Campbell £86, P C Farms £84, £80,Vincent Keenan £83, S and A Conway £81,Laurence McMenamin £80, D Campbell £78, Wayne McElmurray £76, Gordan Gibson £72, Bernard Devine £70, Gerard McBride £70.

BREEDING HOGGETS: Richard Sproule £150, £150, £150, £120, William Stewart £136, J Sawyers £135, £130, £125, £120, R and J Robinson £115,£100, Vincent Keenan £115.

BREEDING RAMS: S Dillon 380g, 340g, 300g, Aaron Hempton 155g, Kieran Foster 145g, 130g.