Fat lambs sell to £125 and fat ewes £150 at Gortin Mart

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An excellent entry of sheep with an outstanding trade throughout. Fat Lambs sell to £125, Fat Ewes £150.


S Daly £125/30kg, Eamon McGirr £122/27kg, S Porter £120/25kg, A McFarland £120/25kg, Denis Calvert £119/26kg, Joe McCrystal £118/27kg, James Bradey £118/30kg, M Scott £115/25kg, S Moore £114/23kg, £114/24kg, £113.50/24kg, Martin McGirr £110.20/23kg, William Martin £110/25kg, Bernard Ward £110/24kg, Daniel Gormley £110/23kg, George Gallagher £109/20kg, Graham Cooke £108.50/23kg, S Daly £108/22kg, Darren Reid £108/23kg, C McAweaney £107.50/19kg, Bernard Ward £107/23kg, Florance Martin £107/4kg.


Joe McCrystal £95, Roddy Farms £92, Dermot McCrory £91, John ODonnell £90, Martin McCrory £89, £89.

FAT EWES:John Sharkey £150, M Scott £142, Gary McAdoo £139, Robert McAdoo £128, £120, £120, A McFarland £119, TR Crawford £110, Denis Calvert £110, Martin McCormick £110, A Liggett £110, Eamon McGirr £106, Joe McCrystal £105, James Bradley £102, Ronald Scott £1010, C Monaghan £100,

Inlamb ewes: Richard Sheerin £130, £125, £122.