Fat lambs sell to £84 and fat ewes to £77 at Downpatrick

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At the weekly sheep sale at Downpatrick on Saturday 19th November fat lambs sold to £84.00 and fat ewes to £77.00.

Lighter weight lambs on the day sold to £3.83ppk.

Leading prices in all categories as follows:

FAT LAMBS: Ardglass farmer 26kg, £84.00, Bright farmer 26kg, £84.00, Killinchy farmer 27kg, £84.00, Coniamstown farmer 25kg, £83.50, Drumnaquoile farmer 25kg, £82.00, Clough farmer 24kg, £81.00, Ballyalton farmer 25kg, £81.00, Downpatrick farmer 24kg, £81.00, Ballykinlar farmer 24kg, £81.00, Killough farmer 24kg, £80.00, Ballynoe farmer 24kg, £80.00, Ballynoe farmer 22kg, £77.00, Ballybrannagh farmer 23kg, £77.00, Downpatrick farmer 21kg, £75.00, Clough farmer 21kg, £74.50, Ballygowan farmer 21kg, £74.00, Downpatrick farmer 19kg, £71.00, Banbridge farmer 19kg, £70.00, Downpatrick farmer 19kg, £69.50, Bright farmer 17.5kg, £65.50, Clough farmer 15kg, £57.50 and 14kg, £53.50.

FAT EWES: Coniamstown farmer £77, Bright farmer £73.50, Saintfield farmer £50 and Downpatrick farmer £50.

At the Monday night cattle sale on 21st November 2016, again there was a good entry of quality store cattle that sold to a top price per kg of £3.86 for a 264kg Ch bullock from a Teconnaught farmer and light weight Lim heifers making to 2.26ppk.

Leading prices in all categories as follows:

BULLOCKS: Teconnaught farmer 618kg Her, £1140 (1.84ppk), Downpatrick farmer 618kg Ch, £1055 (1.71ppk), Coniamstown farmer 550kg Ch, £1040 (1.89ppk) and 560kg CH, £1030 (1.84ppk) Teconnaught farmer 264kg Ch, £1020 (3.86ppk) and 336kg Ch, £1010 (3.00ppk) and 540kg Sim, £970 (1.80ppk) and 518kg Lim, £960 (1.85ppk) and 540kg Ch, £960 (1.78ppk), Bishopscourt farmer 514kg Ch, £815 (1.58ppk), Newcastle farmer 328kg Ch, £780 (2.38ppk) and 290kg Lim, £290 (2.69ppk), Ballyward farmer 352kg Lim, £775 (2.20ppk), Bonecastle farmer 428kg Ch, £760 (1.78ppk), Ballynagross farmer 426kg Lim, £695 (1.63ppk), Bonecastle farmer 416kg Ch, £640 (1.54ppk), Castlewellan farmer 312kg Lim, £640 (2.05ppk), Downpatrick farmer 462kg Mb, £615 (1.33ppk), Bonecastle farmer 414kg Ch, £615 (1.49ppk), Raholp farmer 404kg Lim, £600 (1.49ppk), Saintfield farmer 256kg Lim, £590 (2.31ppk) and 256kg Lim, £580 (2.27ppk), Ardglass farmer 320kg Her, £550 (1.72ppk) and 260kg Her, £520 (2.00ppk), Aughlisnafin farmer 282 Fkv, £480 (1.70ppk) and Ballymartin farmer 362kg Sim, £445 (1.30ppk).

Heifers: Bonecastle farmer 390kg Ch,H £695 (1.78ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 340kg Lim, £625 (1.84ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 284kg Lim, £610 (2.15ppk), Crossgar farmer 276kg Lim, £600 (2.17ppk), Bonecastle farmer 340kg Ch, £570 (1.68ppk) and 340kg Ch, £570 (1.68ppk) and 344kg Ch, £560 (1.63ppk), Aughlisnafin farmer 248kg Lim, £560 (2.26ppk) and Crossgar farmer 260kg Lim, £555 (2.14ppk) and 276kg Lim, £535 (1.94ppk) Saintfield farmer 260kg Lim, £500 (1.93ppk) and Aughlisnafin farmer 252kg Lim, £495 (1.96ppk) and 206kg Lim, £410 (2.00ppk).