Fat lambs sell to £85.80 at Lisahally

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Fat lambs sell to £85.80 on Tuesday at Lisahally.

Store lambs up to £75 and fat ewes £90.

FAT LAMBS: Leslie Robinson £85.80/28kg, Robert Rutledge £85/24kg, £84/24kg, £84/24kg, J Donnell £84/26kg, James Proctor £83.50/25kg, David Devenney £83.50/26kg, Fwergal Gormley £82.80/25kg, Laim Bryson £82.50/24kg, Norman McFarland £82.50/23kg, Kenneth Johnston £82.50/25kg, Leslie Robinson £80.50/23kg, David Devenney £79/23kg, James Proctor £76.80/22kg.

STORE LAMBS: Howard Fulton £75, Thomas Henderson £75, John McWilliams £74.50, Norman Thompson £74, Kenneth Johnston £73.

EWES: John McWilliams £90, Michael McAneney £95, £90, £90, Thomas Irons £83, Brian Cochrane £80, Thomas Irons £73, £70.