Fat lambs sell to £97 at Gortin Mart

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Fat lambs sold to £97 on Monday.

An excellent entry of stock sold to a steady trade.


Paul Muldoon £97/26kg, F A and S Conway £95/34kg, Kevin McCullagh £93/29kg, Patrick Kelly £90.50/26kg, W Patterson £90/24kg, Gary Watt £90/27kg, S Daly £90/24kg, T R Crawford £90/24kg, B McIvor £90/26kg, C Gibson £90/26kg, M Rafferty £90/26kg, F and S Conway £89/26kg, Trevor Turkington £89/27kg, £87/23kg, M Rafferty £88/24kg, A McKelvey £88/24kg, John Adair £87/23kg, James Doherty £87/24kg, Gareth Boyd £87/24kg, Stephen Lindsay £8650/23kg, Seamus McGlinchey £86.20/24kg, Niall McCullagh £86/21kg, Fred Doherty £86/22kg, M Patterson £85.50/22kg, Oliver Kerr £85.50/25kg, James Doherty £85/23kg, Norman Warnock £85/24kg and A Kelly £85/21kg.


Colm McCullagh £80.50/20kg, Charles Beattie £78/18kg, James Mckernan £78.50/20kg, B Hempton £78, Colm McCullagh £75 and Seamus McGlinchy £75.


Keith McAdoo £97, Adrian McKelvey £81.50, David Devine £78, John McBride £76, Adrian McAleer £76, Colm McCullagh £70, David Devine £69, Norman Warnock £68 and Adrian McKelvey £60.