Firm cattle trade at Lisahally, bullocks sell to £1330 for 800kg

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Cattle sold to a firm trade on Wednesday.

Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: William McLaughlin £1330/800kg, Michael McShane £910/510kg, £800/430kg, £750/400kg, S Devine £850/410kg, A Hamilton £780/400kg, £760/400kg, £750/380kg, £740/380kg, £730/350kg, £730/360kg, Liam Devine £745/380kg, Blakiston Houston Estate £660/330kg, £635/310kg, £635/310kg, £610/290kg, £600/300kg, £505/290kg, James Kelly £580/340kg.

HEIFERS: A Hamilton £1220/540kg, H Colhoun £1175/640kg, £1095/590kg, Wilbert McNeill £1085/540kg, £1045/550kg, £995/560kg, Liam Devine £890/430kg, £760/400kg, Michael McShane £760/400kg, A Moore £760/400kg, £750/380kg, £740/370kg, £740/380kg, £720/340kg, £710/340kg, Graeme Cowan £710/490kg, £645/370kg, 580/390kg, £515/410kg, £510/370kg, Michael McShane £600/350kg, C Harpur £600/280kg, £590/280kg.

A good entry of stock. Fat lambs sold up to £80.

FAT LAMBS: Robert Rutledge £80/23kg, James Mark £80/24kg, H McCollum £80/24kg, John McWilliams £80/23kg, John McWilliams £80/23kg, M O’Kane £80/24kg, James Mark £80/24kg, Liam Bryson £79.80/24kg, James Mark £76/23kg, £74/21kg, Norman Thompson 75.80/23kg,James O’Doherty £73.50/21kg

STORE LAMBS: Alaistair Glenn £70.20, £68, John McHugh £70, D and W Clarke £70, £68, C Brown £67.50, H McCollum £67, Raymond Nutt £60, £59.20, M O’Kane £65.

FAT EWES: John McWilliams £75.20, Neil Donaghy £71, J P O’Doherty £65, D and W Clarke £57.