Firm trade for cattle at Pomeroy Mart, bullocks sell to £1080

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A large entry of stock sold to a firm trade.

Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: F Johnston £1080/480kg, £1050/460kg, Joseph Nugent £895/440kg, Alan Roulston £860/380kg, £820/340kg, £815/360kg, S Quinn £810/480kg, Mark Cardwell £800/430kg, Patrick Wylie £795/410kg, £775/400kg, 3740/410kg, Alan Roulston £770/310kg, £750/320kg, £735/360kg, Frank Corr £770/310kg, £755/340kg, £735/300kg, £720/310kg, Eugene Quinn £735/300kg, Seamus McNally £730/330kg, £695/370kg, £690/310kg, £660/320kg, Mark Cardwell £710/420kg, Frank Corr £700/280kg, Seamus McNally £660/320kg, £650/280kg.

HEIFERS: Dominic Ryan £1090, D Lagan £1050/460kg, Mark Gilkinson £940/530kg, Joseph Nugent £930, Patrick and Gerard Campbell £860, £700/580kg, Joseph Nugent £830, £825/440kg, £810, £740/410kg, £720/320kg, £700/370kg, Alan Roulston £780/330kg, £760/360kg, Seamus McNally £540/320kg, Denis McVeigh £540/240kg, Joseph Nugent £540/210kg, S McNelis £515/290kg, Peter Toner £500/320kg.