Firm trade in all the rings at Enniskillen

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A full yard of cattle continued to sell well on offer at Thursday’s sales with a firm trade reported in all six rings.

Light weight bullocks sold from 205 to 266p for a LIM 368kg @980. Medium weights sold from 195 to 243p for a CH 424kg @1030. Heavy lots sold fro 190 to 212p for a CH 612kg @1300 and selling up to 1480 per head.

BULLOCKS: Letterbreen producer 424kg CH @1030, 434kg CH @1010, 444kg CH @1045. Enniskillen producer 488kg AA @1120, 418kg CH @900. B’mallard producer 536kg CH @1075, 588kg LIM @160, 560kg CH @1220. Lisbellaw producer 660kg LIM @1340, 738kg BB @1470, 742kg LIM @1385. Newtownbutler 550kg CH @1180, 502kg CH @1070. Churchill producer 550kg CH @1180, 502kg CH @1070. Culkey producer 368kg CH @965. Derrylin producer 450kg CH @1070


In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £650 to £980 paid for a 391kg, while HFRS ranged from £560 to £935 for a 394kg CH.

Ruling prices: Garrison producer 360kg CH hfr @935, 341kg CH hfr @865, 327kg CH hfr @755, 336kg CH hfr @805. Ederney producer 278kg CH bull @795, 269kg CH bull @790, 266kg CH hfr @645, 299kg CH bull @800. Enniskillen producer 460kg CH bull @1000, 328kg CH bull @850, 391kg BB steer @980, 328k LIM steer @965. Kesh producer 299kg CH steer @880, 285kg CH steer @825, 329kg CH steer @840, 285kg CH steer @835, 255kg steer @760. Belleek producer 343kg CH for @915, 380kg CH bull @930, 343kg CH steer @950, 360kg CH hfr @855, 278kg CH bull @755. Garrison producer 233kg CH hfr @672, 270kg CH hfr @780, 308kg CH hfr @790. Derrylin producer 265kg CH hfr @725, 287kg CH hfr @685, 273kg CH hfr @660. Enniskillen producer 405kg CH bull @930, 360kg CH steer @905, 370kgCH steer @870, 395kg CH steer @960. Augher producer 386kg CH hfr @950, 390kg CH hfr @895, 418kg CH fr @840, 355kg CH hfr @805. Boho producer 284kg CH hr @705, 262kg CH hfr @635, 318kg CH hfr @735. Roslea producer 328kg CH hfr @775, 294kg CH hfr @740, 339kg CH hfr @800, 219kg SIM hfr @910.

CALVES: Kinawley producer LIM bull @505. Trillick producer SIM hfr @415, AA hfr @300, CH hfr @250, HERE hfr @250. Enniskilen producer CH bull @360. Tamlaght producer BB hfr @290. Macken producer BB bull @285, FR bul @70. Derrygonnelly producer AA bull @265. Enniskillen producer LIM bull @305, LIM hfr @265. Castlederg producer FR bull @80, FR bull @65

SUCKLER COWS: Dungannon producer CH cow with hfr @1580. Kesh producer LIM cow with bull @1400. Lisnaskea producer LIM cow with hfr @1350. Derrylin producer CH cow with bull @1260. Kinawley producer AA cow with hfr @150

Omagh producer AA cow ith bull @1180. Tamlaght producer SPG SIM cow @1150, SIM SPG hfr @1060.


Forward lots sold to 220ppk paid for a 560kg CH @1225, medium weights sold from 185-238ppk for a 490kg CH @1165 and lights weighs sold from 200-243ppk for a 385kg @938.

Brookeborough producer CH 560kg @1225, CH 580kg @1175. Springfeild producer CH 490kg @1165, CH 540kg @1110. Belcoo producer CH 520kg @1160. Lisbellaw producer CH 530kg @1115. Derrygonnelly producer CH 460kg @1075. Maguiresbridge producer CH 470kg @1070. Tempo producer CH 455kg @1060. Roscor producer CH 500kg @1105.

Fat cows: Garrison producer CH 608kg @1200, CH 670kg @1170. Derrygonnelly CH 650kg @1145. Florencecourt producer CH 668kg @1100. Derrylin producer CH 590kg @1030. Enniskillen producer CH 750kg @175. Derrygonnelly producer CH 550kg @1060. Derrylin producer CH 508kg @990. Lisnaskea producer CH 478kg @905, CH 490kg @880.