Flying trade for cattle at Swatragh

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Swatragh Livestock Mart had an excellent show of good quality cattle for sale on Monday 7th August that was met with a flying trade and a super ring of buyers with some excellent prices.

The top price of £1,200 was paid for Heifers and £1,065 was paid for Bullocks.

Heifers selling £1,200 for 570kg (£2.11) per kg, £805 for 350kg (£2.30) per kg, £900 for 376kg (£2.39) per kg,

Bullocks selling to £1,065 for 452kg (£2.36 per kg). £870 for 408kg (£2.13 per kg),£720 for278kg (£2.59)

More quality stock needed to meet demand.

Heifers: Garvagh Producer 570kg, £1,200(LIM);566kg, £1,160(LIM); 466kg, £925(LIM); 424kg, £770(LIM); 400kg, £815(LIM); 320kg, £675(LIM);350kg, £805(LIM); Swatragh Producer 286kg, £630(SIM); 376kg, £900(BB); 336kg, £740(LIM); Maghera Producer 442kg, £725(Her); 304kg, £435(her); 270kg, £465(SIM); 300kg, £645(HER); 396kg, £580(SIM); Maghera Producer 238kg, £490(SIM); 206kg, £455(CH);Garvagh Producer 356kg, £670(CH); 302kg, £540(DAQ); 304kg, £530(CH); 286kg, £620(CH); 332kg, £650(CH); 338kg, £620(CH); Garvagh Producer 272kg, £580(CH); 368kg, £820(CH); 322kg, £670(CH); 288kg, £590(CH); 302kg, £620(CH); Magherafelt Producer 360kg, £570(CH); Kesh Producer 346kg, £455(HER); 304kg, £515(LBW); 306kg, £540(HER); 298kg, £520(AA);338kg, £560(SIM); 322kg, £495(AA);314kg, £485(FKV); 354kg, £620(CH); 312kg, £490(FKV); 364kg, £495(HER);Magherafelt Producer 324kg, £570(LIM);

Bullocks: Garvagh Producer 452kg, £1,065(LIM); 410kg, £890(LIM); 384kg, £895(LIM); 400kg, £885(LIM); Garvagh Producer 272kg, £620(CH);Swatragh Producer 486kg, £975(LIM);408kg, £870(LIM);Magherafelt Producer 326kg, £590(SIM); 278kg, £500(SIM);Magherafelt Producer 328kg, £820(LIM); 306kg, £750(LIM); 278kg, £720(LIM);Garvagh Producer 520kg, £1,000(AA); 450kg; £940(AA); 418kg, £930(LIM); 486kg, £935(AA); 498kg, £840(LIM).

Another excellent show of 1,550 quality sheep were presented at our weekly sheep sale at Swatragh on Saturday 5th August 2017, witnessing top prices being paid. Over 500 fat ewes were highly sought after with a top price of £87.00 being paid. Almost 1,050 lambs were presented, with many lots passing £80.00 with a top price of £87.50 being paid. More stock required to meet demand.

Sample Prices:

Lambs: Maghera Producer 2 Lambs 25kg at £87.50 = 350p; Magherafelt Producer 5 Lambs 23.4kg at £87.20 = 373p; Coleraine Producer 5 Lambs 26.6kg at £87.00 = 327p; Dunloy Producer 13 Lambs 24.4kg at £84.80 = 348p; Magherafelt Producer 1 Lamb 24kg at £84.80 = 353p; Draperstown Producer 2 Lambs 24kg at £84.00 = 350p; Garvagh Producer 2 Lambs 23kg at £83.20 = 362p; Coleraine Producer 8 Lambs 24.75kg at £83.00 = 335p; Tobermore Producer 15 Lambs 23.6kg at £83.00 = 352p; Garvagh Producer 8 Lambs 23kg at £82.80 = 360p; Maghera Producer 2 Lambs 24.5kg at £82.50 = 337p;

Maghera Producer 2 Lambs 20.5kg at £75.00 = 366p; Garvagh Producer 6 Lambs 21.5kg at £79.50 = 370p; Cookstown Producer 7 Lambs 22kg at £80.00 = 364p; Ballycastle Producer 1 Lamb 22kg at £80.00 = 364p; Garvagh Producer 6 Lambs 20kg at £72.00 = 360p; Garvagh Producer 7 Lambs 21.8kg at £79.20 = 363p; Maghera Producer 6 Lambs 21.5kg at £77.00 = 358p; Maghera Producer 9 Lambs 20kg at £71.50 = 358p; Portglenone Producer 11 Lambs 22.3kg at £79.80 = 358p; Limavady Producer 13 Lambs 22kg at £79.80 = 363p;

Draperstown Producer 12 Lambs 17.75kg at £67.00 = 377p; Ballycastle Producer 3 Lambs 13kg at £47.00 = 362p; Magherafelt Producer 5 Lambs 19.6kg at £65.80 = 336p; Maghera Producer 3 Lambs 17.5kg at £61.00 = 349p; Kilrea Producer 10 Lambs 17kg at £57.00 = 335p; Magherafelt Producer 8 Lambs 12kg at £50.00 = 417p; Maghera Producer 14 Lambs 13kg at £54.00 = 415p;

Sample Ewes Prices: Maghera Producer 1 Ewe at £87.00; Dungiven Producer 5 Ewes at £83.00; Magherafelt Producer 11 Ewes at £81.00; Swatragh Producer 11 Ewes at £81.00;

Top Price for Ewes: Maghera Producer 1 Ewe at £87.00

Top Price for Lambs: Maghera Producer 2 Lambs 25kg at £87.50 = 350p

Magherafelt Producer 8 Lambs 12kg at £50.00 = 417p