Friesian steers sells to £1,290 for 650kgs at Armoy Mart

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An excellent show of 150 head last Monday night at Armoy met with a superb trade for all sorts of cattle with many new customers looking for all kinds of cattle.

Beef cattle were keenly sought A/A and Friesian cattle were particularly sharp and in demand.

Steers sold to £1,250 paid for a good Char and £1,290 paid for 650kgs Friesians, heifers were a great trade selling to £1,150 for a 505kgs Char from Mr S O’Neill, Glenarm springers topped at £1,520 for an A/A springers.

STEERS: Sandy O’Neill, Glenarm, Char, 600kgs, £1,250, 520kgs, £1,090. James McFadden, Kells, 530kgs, £1,125. Colm O’Hagan, Martinstown, Char, 530kgs, £1,085. Wm J McMullan, Moyarget, Char, 200kgs, £505. Samd McAllister, Bushmills, Friesians, 650kgs, £1,290, 660kgs, £1,200, 670kgs, £1,170, 600kgs, £1,100, 700kgs, £1,230, 630kgs, £1,115, 650kgs, £1,130, 670kgs, £1,140, 640kgs, £1,090. Jas Ritchie, Connor, A/a, 590kgs, £1,160, 580kgs, £1,100, 630kgs, £1,130. James McMullan, Rathlin, Lim, 300kgs, £660, 230kgs, £600. Brian McAuley, Bushmills, Friesians, 560kgs, £1,080, 480kgs, £800, 500kgs, £800. Nigel McClure and Son, Ballymoney, B/B, 470kgs, £865, 430kgs, £735. Adrian Murphy, Ballyclare, B/B, 380kgs, £745, 400kgs, £765. Brendan Richmond, Cloughmills, Char, 540kgs, £1,015, 570kgs, £1,015. Sam McAllister, Bushmills, Friesian, 630kgs, £990. Robt Skelton, Ballymoney, MB, 520kgs, £870. C and R Gillan, Bushmills, Lim, 340kgs, £640. J G McGowan, Ballycastle, Char, 480kgs, £945.

HEIFERS: Sandy O’Neill, Glenarm, Char, 505kgs, £1,150. Finvoy farmer, Lim, 500kgs, £1,050, 530kgs, £1,125, 400kgs, £845, 420kgs, £890. Ken Wilkinson, Ballycastle, Salers, 400kgs, £830, 420kgs, £810. Sam Wilson, Randalstown, B/B, 480kgs, £1,045, 500kgs, £910, 400kgs, £825, 410kgs, £830. John Todd, Ballycastle, Char, 505kgs, £1,000, 535kgs, £980. S O’Neill, Glenarm, Char, 550kgs, £1,085. P Brown, Ballycastle, Char, 440kgs, £820. J McMullan, Rathlin, Lim, 300kgs, £610, 270kgs, £575, 230kgs, £500, 270kgs, £580, 180kgs, £400. Bryan Taggart, Bushmills, Lim, 530kgs, £900.

SUCKLERS: B Gribben, Dunloy, A/A springers, £1,520, £1,200, £1,150, £1,100.

FAT COWS: A O’Neill, Glenarm, Char, 700kgs, £980. J McQuilken, Rathlin, Lim, 600kgs, £820. Robt Miskelly, Stranocum, Friesians, 770kgs, £775, 670kgs, £640. D McAuley, Cushendall, Sim, 680kgs, £800.

Sale every Monday night at 7pm.

Yard opens at 3pm to accept stock.

Auctioneers: Daniel McAlister and Son.