Full yard of cattle for Christmas show and sale at Keady Mart

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Keady Mart had a hugely successful sale with a yard full of cattle that was second to none at their recent Christmas show and sale.

The quality of the animals that were on offer was simply outstanding from one end of the sale to the other.

The mart would like to thank all the sellers, all of the many buyers, judge Sam Carmichael, and auctioneer Ciaran Laverty, all who made the sale such a success.

The mart would also like to thank all those who donated to the annual Christmas Hospice collections in both marts, a sum of over £3,000 was presented to the Hospice.

The show champion was a 690kg Belgian Blue heifer presented by Kevin Carr and purchased by judge Sam Carmichael on behalf of McKee’s Butchers in Maghera for a super price of £2,000.

The reserve champion was a 770kg Charolais bullock presented by Nathan Harvey and purchased by the same buyer at £2,000.

The Housewife’s Choice was a 675kg Charolais heifer presented by Gabriel McKernan and purchased by Rice’s Supermarket in Keady at £1,700.

Steer prices

770kg, £259.70/100kg, £2,000, 565kg, £253.10/100kg, £1,430, 710kg, £238.70/100kg, £1,695, 635kg, £236.20/100kg, £1,500, 645kg, £234.10/100kg, £1,510, 615kg, £234.10/100kg, £1,440, 510kg, £233.30/100kg, £1,190, 480kg, £233.30/100kg, £1,120, 795kg, £232.70/100kg, £1850, 525kg, £230.50/100kg, £1,210, 735kg, £223.80/100kg, £1,645, 575kg, £223.50/100kg, £1,285, 535kg, £223.40/100kg, £1,195, 580kg, £223.30/100kg, £1,295, 475kg, £223.20/100kg, £1,060, 650kg, £223.10/100kg, £1,450.

Heifer prices

690kg, £289.90/100kg, £2,000, 570kg, £287.70/100kg, £1,640, 540kg, £270.40/100kg, £1,460, 740kg, £270.00/100kg, £1,998, 610kg, £259.00/100kg, £1,580, 675kg, £251.90/100kg, £1,700, 630kg, £246.00/100kg, £1,550, 465kg, £232.30/100kg, £1,080, 635kg, £231.50/100kg, £1,470, 635kg, £230.70/100kg, £1,465, 595kg, £228.60/100kg, £1,360, 570kg, £228.10/100kg, £1,300, 600kg, £227.50/100kg, £1,365, 570kg, £227.20/100kg, £1,295, 665kg, £227.10/100kg, £1,510, 640kg, £222.70/100kg, £1,425, 550kg, £221.80/100kg, £1,220, 525kg, £220.00/100kg, £1,155, 670kg, £219.40/100kg, £1,470.

Camlough sale yard will re-open on the Wednesday 3rd January at 11am and Keady sale-yard will re-open on Friday 5th January at 12 noon.