Good entries in the rings at Enniskillen

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There were good entries reported in all six rings at Thursdays cattle sales.

In the bullock ring lightweights selling from 205 to 240p for a LIM 380kg at @915, medium weight selling from 200 to 234p for a CH 420kg @985, heavy lots selling from 190 to 218p for a CH 500kg @1090 and up to 1410 per head.

BULLOCKS: Kesh producer LIM 380kg @915; Derrylin producer CH 388kg @925; Lisburn producer LIM 398kg @940, LIM 404kg @930, AA 524kg @1140; Omagh producer CH 420kg @985; Augher producer CH 406kg @945; Clogher producer CH 470kg @1010; Enniskillen producer CH 500kg @1090; Tempo producer CH 630kg @1350, CH 628kg @1320; Monea producer AA 540kg @1145; Aghlane producer CH 660kg @1410.


In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £680 to £1050 paid for a 440kg CH, while HFRS ranged from £500 to £825for a 375kg CH.

Ruling prices: Enniskillen producer 352kg CH steer @920, 365kg CH hfr @775, 319kg CH hfr @750, 316kgCH hfr @725, 375kg CH hfr @825; Boho producer 245kg CH bull @790, 322kg LIM bull @760, 226kg LIM hfr @585, 297kg LIM bull @805; Belleek producer 343kg AA steer @855, 209kg AA bull @560; Lisnaskea producer 232kg CH bull @720, 264kg CH bull @705, 267kg LIM hfr @710, 210kg LIM bull @700,360kg CH bull @930,415kg CH bull @895, 298kg CH bull @830; Ballinamallard producer 440kg CH steer @1050; Letterbreen producer 350kg CH ull @930, 315kg CH bull @850, 325kg CH bull @900, 288kg CH bull @820, 324kg CH bull @890, 330kg CH hfr @765; Fintona producer 360kg CH hfr @760, 360kg CH hfr @765, 251kg cH bull @760, 248kg CH hfr @560, 345kg CH hfr @750; Springfeild producer 450kg CH steer @955, 241kg LIM hfr @520; Boho producer 444kg LIM steer @970, 418 SIm ster @710, 346kg LIM steer @710, 201kg LIM bull @570, 218kg CH bull @675; Garrison producer 370kg LIM hfr @770, 390kg LIM bull @970, 732kg CH bull @980.

CALVES: Enniskillen producer LIM bull @360; Ballinamallard producer AA bull @355; Derrygonnelly producer BL bull @345, SA bull @310, AA bull @260, FR bull @190; Letterbreen producer BB hfr @300,; Kesh producer AA bull @285; Trillick producer AA bull @265; Maguiresbridge producer HER bull @260; Drumcose producer HER bull @260

SUCKLER COWS: Blaney producer LIM cow with hfr @1980, HER cow with hfr @1660; Lisnaskea producer CH cow with bull @1780, BB cow with bull @1575, SPG IM @1480, LIM cow with bull @1410, CH cow with bull @1410, LIM cow with hfr @1480, AA cow with hfr @1495, LIM cow with bull @1425, SPG SAL @1365; Ballinamallard producer CH cow with bull @1760; Drumquin producer SPG her @1020; Ederney producer SPG CH hr @1070; Florencecourt producer SPG LIM hfr @1100.


Forward lots sold to 210ppk paid for a 600kg CH @1255, while lighter weights sold from 192- 223ppk paid for a 350kg CH @780. Roslea producer CH 600kg @1255; Springfeild producer CH 600kg @1195, CH 560kg @1160, CH 555kg @1120, CH 500kg @1080; Culkey producer CH 500kg @1050, CH 520kg @1040; Ballinamallard producer CH 515kg @1045, CH 490kg @1000; Derrylin producer CH 500g @1030, CH 480kg @1020, CH 470kg @1010.

Fat cows

Beer lots sold to 170ppk paid for a 720kg CH @1220, others sold readily from 102-160ppk. Fres from 52-100ppk paid for a 600kg CH @600. Coa producer CH 720kg @1220. Boho producer CH 730kg @1060, CH 800kg @1090