Good entry of Fermanagh and Tyrone bred cattle

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There was a good entry of 1050 Fermanagh and Tyrone bred cattle on offer at Thursday’s sales.

Light weight bullocks sold from 215 to 263ppk for a CH 362kg at 995, medium weights selling from 210-253ppk for a CH 468kg at 1185, heavy lots selling from 190 to 237ppk for a CH 514kg at 1220 and selling up to at 1320 per head.

BULLOCKS: Fivemiletown producer CH 362kg at 995, Belleek producer CH 386kg at 1010, Roslea producer CH 366kg at 950, CH 468kg @1185, CH 514kg at 1220, CH 526kg at 1220, Derrylin producer LIM 320kg at 825, CH 540k at 1220, Maguiresbridge producer CH 470kg at 1150, Trillick producer CH 440kg at 1070, Garrison producer CH 506kg at 1145, Newtown producer CH 648kg at 1260, LIM 630kg at 1285, CH 648kg at 1260.


In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £650 to £1100 paid for a 453kg LIM, while HFRS ranged from £520 to £895 for a 315kg CH.

Ruling prices: Garrison producer 315kg CH hfr at 895, 281kg CH hfr at 765, 282kg CH hfr at 730, 274kg CH hfr at 735, 325kg CH hfr at 795, 315kg at 895, Derrylin producer 373kg LIM bull at 945, 351kg LIM hfr at 825, 446kg LIM steer at 950, Kinawley producer 486kg LIM steer at 1020, 453kg LIM steer, 429kg CH steer at 1035, Derrylin producer 410kg LIM steer at 950, 407kg LIM at 950, Belleek producer 311kg CH steer at 890, 309kg LIM steer at 825, 314kg LIM hfr at 740, 214kg LIM bull at 570, 263kg CH steer at 940, 309kg CH hfr at 725, 309kg CH steer at 900, Edeney producer 410kg CH hfr at 960, 424kg CH hfr at 800, Kesh producer 235kg SIM hfr at 620, 265kg CH bull at 720, 240kg LIM hfr at 630, 290kg SIM bull at 760, 254kg SIM hfr at 705, Enniskillen producer 385kg AA steer at 930, 425kg CH steer at 965, 408kg AA steer at 1000, 415kg CH steer at 960, 335kg CH hfr at 835, 366kg CH steer at 915.

CALVES: Letterbreen producer CH hfr at 365, Derrygonnelly producer LIM hfr at 360, Kesh producer CH bull at 340, Lisbellaw producer FKV bull at 315, Kinawley producer AA bull at 310, Brookeborough producer AA bull at 300, Tempo producer AA bull at 285, AA bull at 285, Tamlaght producer BB hfr at 280, BB hfr at 275, Maguiresbridge producer HERE bull at 280, Tattymore producer AA hfr at 285

SUCKLER COWS: Kesh producer CH cow with bull at 1560, Irvinestown producer SPG CH hfr at 1400, SPG CH at 1340, SPG CH at 1300, SPG SIM hfr at 1200, SPG LIM hfr at 1270, SPG LIM at 1130, Lisbellaw producer HERE with hfr at 1310.


Forward lots sold to 221ppk paid for a 550kg CH at 1220 and a top of at 1300, while stores sold to 237ppk for a 460kg CH sat 1080 for a 460kg CH at 1080.

Tempo producer CH 640kg at 270, CH 620kg at 1270, CH 560kg at 1150, CH 530kg at 1100, Enniskillen producer CH 620kg at 1250, CH 570kg at 1185, CH 540kg at 1130, Maraveelly producer CH 550k at 1220, CH 510kg at 1135, CH 490kg at 1050, Belleek producer CH 540kg at 1140, Clougher producer CH 530kg at 1100, CH 450kg at 1080.

Fat cows

Forward lots sold to 176ppk paid for a 550kg CH at 965, others from 102-182ppk for a 480kg CH at 875, FRE sold from 70-112ppk paid for a 650kg FR at 730.

Belcoo producer CH 700kg at 1160, Florencecourt producer CH 681kg at 1106, CH 810kg at 1110, Kinawley producer CH 780kg at 1190, Culkey producer CH 670kg @1110, Boho producer CH 8670kg at 1080.