Good entry of quality sucklers at Downpatrick Mart

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At the Friday night suckler calf sale of 2017 at Downpatrick Mart held 29th September there was again a good entry of quality sucklers.

A Ballydonnell farmer presented a Charolais calf at 272kg which made £810 (2.98ppk) and a Ballylucas farmer presented a Belgian Blue heifer at 292kg made £760 (2.60ppk).

Leading prices as follows:


Ballydonnell farmer 386kg Charolais, £970 (2.51ppk), Downpatrick farmer 460kg Charolais, £925 (2.01ppk), Ballykinlar farmer 474kg Limousin, £915 (1.93ppk), Tobercorran farmer 368kg Charolais, £900 (2.45ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 352kg Limousin, £900 (2.56ppk), Tobercorran farmer 408kg Charolais, £890 (2.18ppk) and 414kg Charolais, £880 (2.13ppk) and 412kg Charolais, £865 (2.10ppk), Tobercorran farmer 330kg Limousin, £860 (2.61ppk) and 384kg Charolais, £850 ( 2.21ppk ) Ardglass farmer 352kg Charolais, £890 (2.53ppk), Ballyclander farmer 390kg Simmental, £885 (2.27ppk), Annacloy farmer 350kg Limousin, £845 (2.41ppk), Erinagh farmer 368kg Charolais, £845 (2.30ppk), Annacloy farmer 396kg Limousin, £845 (2.13ppk), Crossgar farmer 346kg Limousin, £840 (2.43ppk), Strangford farmer 322kg Charolais, £835 (2.59ppk), Backaderry farmer 338kg Limousin, £830 (2.46ppk), Drumaness farmer 338kg Limousin, £830 (2.46ppk), Ballydonnell farmer 286kg Charolais, £820 (2.87ppk) and 334kg Charolais £815 (2.44ppk), Ballykinlar farmer 368kg Limousin, £810 (2.20ppk), Vianstown farmer 320kg Simmental, £810 (2.53ppk) and Ballydonnell farmer 272kg Charolais, £810 (2.98ppk), Castlewellan farmer 342kg Limousin, £810 (2.37ppk), Comber farmer 308kg Limousin, £805 ( 2.61ppk), Glenn farmer 310kg, £805 (2.60ppk), Carricknab farmer 370kg Limousin, £805 (2.18ppk), Vianstown farmer 348kg Simmental, £800 (2.30ppk) and Ballylucas farmer 348kg Simmental, £795 (2.28ppk).


Ballyward farmer 374kg Charolais, £840 (2.25ppk) Ballykinlar farmer 348kg Limousin, £810 (2.34ppk), Ballylucas farmer 360kg Limousin, £760 (2.11ppk), Vianstown farmer 296kg Simmental, £760 (2.57ppk), Ballylucas farmer 292kg Belgian Blue, £760 (2.60ppk), Tobercorran farmer 428kg Charolais, £755 (1.76ppk), Downpatrick farmer 428kg Charolais, £755 (1.76ppk), Saintfield farmer 400kg Charolais, £730 (1.83ppk) Ballykinlar farmer 344kg Limousin, £710 (2.06ppk) and Ballyclander farmer 332kg Limousin, £700 (2.11ppk), Drumaness farmer 298kg Limousin, £690 (2.32ppk) and Comber farmer 278kg Limousin, £675 (2.43ppk).

At the weekly sheep sale on Saturday 30th September lambs sold to £80 and fat ewes to £70. Lighter weight lambs sold to £3.35ppk.

Leading prices in all categories as follows:


Clough farmer 27kg, £80, Annacloy farmer 25kg, £77.50, Saintfield farmer 24kg, £75.00, Ballyculter farmer 23kg, £74.50, Downpatrick farmer 23kg £74.00, Ballygowan farmer 24kg, £74.00, Dromara farmer 23kg, £73.50, Downpatrick farmer 22kg, £73.00, Ballykinlar farmer 23kg, £73.00, Clough farmer 23kg, £73.00, Saul farmer 23kg, £72.50, Saintfield farmer 21kg, £71.20, Raholp farmer 22kg, £70.50, Crossgar farmer 20kg, £67.00, Castlewellan farmer 20kg, £64.00, Ballynahinch farmer 18kg, £59.50, Clonvaraghan farmer 17kg, £57.00, Lisburn farmer 19kg, £56.00 and 15kg, £55.00.


Ballyalton farmer £70.00, Raholp farmer £69 and £68.00 and Downpatrick farmer £66.00 and £65.

At the Monday night cattle sale on 2nd October 2017, there was a very good entry of quality store bullocks that sold to £1,245 and also a Limousin bullock from a Downpatrick farmer made to £2.13ppk with light weight Simmental heifers making to £1.72ppk.

Leading prices in all categories as follows:


Ballylucas farmer 634kg Charolais, £1,245 (1.96ppk) and 630kg Charolais, £1,225 (1.94ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 624kg Limousin, £1,200 (1.93ppk) and 620kg Limousin, £1,185, (1.91kg), Ballynahinch farmer 588kg Limousin, £1,180 (2.00ppk) and 618kg Limousin, £,1145 (1.85ppk), Annacloy frarmer 566kg Limousin, £1,125 (1.99ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 532kg Limousin, £1,070 (2.01ppk), Crossgar farmer 534kg Charolais, £895 (1.68ppk) and 514kg Limousin, £850 (1.65ppk), Annalong farmer 484kg Aberdeen Angus, £835 (1.73ppk) Ardglass farmer 386kg Charolais, £830 (2.15ppk), Crossgar farmer 430kg Limousin, £815 (1.89ppk), Kilkeel farmer 380kg Simmental, £810 (2.13ppk), Ballygallum farmer 402kg Aberdeen Angus, £775 (1.93ppk), Downpatrick farmer 462kg Aberdeen Angus, £765 (1.66ppk), Ballymaginty farmer 486kg Charolais, £760 (1.56ppk), Downpatrick farmer 348 Limousin, £750 (2.16ppk) and 362kg Belgian Blue, £730 (2.02ppk), Castlewellan farmer 394kg Shorthorn, £665 (1.69ppk), Burrenreagh farmer 376kg Hereford, £655 (1.74ppk) and Dunturk farmer 412kg Limousin, £635 (1.54ppk) and 350kg Hereford, £620 (1.77ppk) and Crossgar farmer 478kg Limousin, £620 (1.30 ppk).


Saintfield farmer 496kg Charolais, £850 (1.72ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 520kg Limousin, £830 (1.60ppk), Saintfield farmer 460kg Charolais, £805 (1.75ppk) Castlewellan farmer 522kg Charolais, £800 (1.53ppk) and 460kg Charolais, £780 (1.70ppk) and 428kg Charolais, £735 (1.72ppk), Dunturk farmer 402kg Charolais, £650 (1.62ppk) and Annalong farmer 356kg Simmental, £610 (1.72ppk) and Burrenreagh farmer 350kg Hereford, £550 (1.57ppk).