Good numbers coming forward at Enniskillen Mart

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Good numbers still coming forward at Thursday’s cattle sales at Enniskillen Mart.

In the bullock ring light weight bullocks sold from 220 to 302p for a Ch 294kg at £890.

Medium weights sold from 200 to 252p for a Ch 428kg at £1,080.

Heavy lots sold from 190 to 228ppk for a Ch 576kg at £1,315 and selling up to £1,540 per head.

BULLOCKS: Kesh producer Ch 294kg at £890, Derrylin producer Ch 390kg at £1,050, Trillick producer Ch 350kg at £920, Garrison producer Ch 358kg at £930, Garrison producer Ch 448kg at £1,185, Tempo producer Ch 576kg at £1,315, Clogher producer Lim 738kg at £1,500, Clogher producer Ch 768kg at £1,540

WEANLINGS: In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £680 to £990 paid for a 365kg Ch while heifers ranged from £570 to £905 for a 394kg Ch.

Ruling price: Brookeborough producer 394kg Ch heifer at £905, 325kg Ch heifer at £765, 311kg Ch heifer at £760, Newtownbutler producer 238kg Sh heifer at £715, 250kg Lim bull at £705, 198kg Ch steer at £605, 360kg Ch bull at £950, Enniskillen producer 405kg AA bull at £840, 326kg Ch heifer at £880, 308 Lim bull at £860, Kinawley producer 306kg Ch heifer at £750, 300kg Ch heifer at £745, Derrylin producer 288kg BB heifer at £700, 271kg BB heifer at £700, 234kg Ch bull at £600, 219kg Lim heifer at £490, Monea producer 274kg Lim heifer at £610, 327kg Lim heifer at £650, 270kg Lim heifer at £640, Maguiresbridge producer 347kg Lim steer at £990, 352kg Ch bull at £990, 335kg Ch bull at £930, 331kg Ch steer at £915, Kinawley producer 280kg Ch steer at £840, 295kg Ch steer at £835, 427kg Ch steer at £1,040, Belleek producer 306kg Ch heifer at £730, 240kg Ch heifer at £670, 258kg Ch heifer at £650, Derrygonnelly producer 343kg Ch heifer at £820, 299kg Ch heifer at £770, 306kg Ch heifer at £675.

CALVES 2 MONTHS: Monea producer CH heifer at £450, AA bull at £395, a heifer at £385, Lisnaskea Ch heifer at £370, Lim heifer at £360.

CALVES: Florencecourt producer Ch heifer at £385, Tempo producer BB bull at £380, Maguiresbridge BB bull at £355, Belcoo producer Ch heifer at £335, Churchill producer Ch bull at £320, Drumcose producer Freisian bull at £135, Brookeborough producer Friesian bull at £120.

SUCKLER COWS: Ballinamallard producer Lim cow with bull at £1,740, Newtownbutler producer BB cow with heifer at £1,600, Omagh producer Blonde cow with bull at £1,570, Boho producer Sim cow with heifer at £1,400, Kesh producer AA cow with heifer calf at £1,340, Garrison producer Sim cow with heifer at £1,320.

Heifers: Forward lots sold to 221ppk paid for a 565kg Ch at £1,250.

Medium weights from 185-234ppk paid for a 495kg at £1,160, while lightweights sold from 210-240ppk for a 340kg Ch at £815.

Lisnaskea producer Ch 565kg at £1,250, Coa producer Ch 580kg at £1,220, Tempo producer Ch 495kg at £1,160, Tempo producer Ch 500kg at £1,150, Maguiresbridge producer Ch 460kg at £1,075, 480kg Ch at £1,080, Kinawley producer Ch 375kg at £850.

Fat cows: Beef cows sold to 175ppk for a 678kg Lim at £1,190, feeding cows to 206p for a 450kg Lim at £930, Friesian and Holstein cows to 140p for a 628kg Friesian at £885 and up to £900 per breed.

Bulls to 196p for a 732kg Sim at £1,440.

Magheraveely producer Ch 512kg at £915, Garrison producer Ch 678kg at £1,190, Garrison producer Ch 486kg at £835, Enniskillen producer BB 588kg at £920, Derrylin producer Ch 846kg at £1,205, Clogher producer Ch 650kg at £1,035, Letterbreen producer Ch 698kg at £885, Lisbellaw producer Ch 628kg at £885, Enniskillen producer Holstein 588kg at £655.