Good numbers of cattle still coming forward at Enniskillen

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Good numbers of cattle still coming forward for Thursday’s sales at Enniskillen.

Lightweights sold from 210 to 258 for a Ch 372kg at £960, mediumweights sold from 200 to 256 for a Ch at £1030, heavy weights sold from 238 for a Ch 504kg at £1200 and sold up to 1440 per head.

BULLOCKS: Bellanaleek producer Ch 372kg at £690, Macken producer Ch 402kg at 100, Ballinamallard producer Lim 354kg at £904, Lisburn producer Lim 442kg at £1105, CH 434kg at £1070, Newtownbutler producer Lim 366kg at £910, Lim 530kg at £1240, Ch 51k at £1155, Kesh producer Lim 414kg at £910, Derrylin producer Ch 338kg at £840, Augher producer Ch 504kg at £1200, Trillick producer Ch 520kg at £1205, Macken producer Ch 508kg at £1165, Roscor producer Ch 518kg at £1155.

WEANLINGS: In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £650 to £925 paid for a 333kg Ch, while heifers ranged from £580 to £905 for a 375kg Ch.

Ruling prices: Ederney producer 353kg Ch steer at £925, 360kg Ch bull at £855, 34kg Ch heifer at £730, 375kg Ch heifer at £905, 349kg Ch heifer at £795, Kesh producer 263kg Ch steer at £750, 291kg Ch steer at £740, 278kg Ch steer at £750, 269kg Ch heifer at 785, 273kg Ch bull at £800, Derrylin producer 372kg Ch heifer at £825, 392kg Ch bull at £905, 330kg Ch heifer at £835, 312kg Ch bull at £825, Lisnaskea producer 355kg Ch heifer at £795, 333 Ch heifer at £740, 302kg Ch bull at £800, 266kg Lim heifer at £655, 290kg Lim heifer at £670, Belcoo producer 344kg Ch heifer at £855, 293kg AA bull at £730, 340kg Ch bull at £875, 304kg Ch heifer at £765, Derrylin producer 395kg Ch steer at £970, 258kg Ch heifer at £725, 335 Ch heifer at £800, 397kg Ch heifer at £890, Garrison producer 341kg Ch steer at £900, 288kg Ch steer at £790, 331kg Ch steer at £890, 270kg Ch steer at £780, Letterbreen producer 290kg Ch steer at £870, 297kg Ch heifer at £715, 248kg Ch bull at £675, Enniskillen producer 302kg Ch heifer at £765, 375kg Ch heifer at £880, 325kg Ch heifer at £835, 336kg Ch heifer at £740, 314kg Ch heifer at £760, Kinawley producer 267kg Lim bull at £700, 321kg Lim heifer at £735, 347kg Lim heifer at £715, 317kg Lim heifer at £720, 261kg Ch steer at £745.

CALVES 2 MONTHS: Springfield producer Sim bull at £475, Sim bull at £405, Lisnaskea producer Ch heifer at £400, Ch heifer at £405, Ballinamallard Lim heifer at £385.

CALVES: Tamlaght producer BB heifer at £305, Monea producer Lim bull at £300, Lim bull at £280, Tempo producer AA bull at £275, Kinawley producer Here heifer at £280, Letterbreen producer Lim bull at £275, Enniskillen producer Lim bull at 265, Lim heifer at £250, Kesh producer Friesian bull at £85, Churchhill producer Friesian bull at £72, Friesian bull at £80.

SUCKLER COWS: Lisnaskea producer Sim cow with bull at £1600, Enniskillen producer Sim cow with heifer at £1500, Kesh producer Ch cow with bull at £1500, Lim cow with bull at £1390, Brookeborough producer springing Lim heifer at £1500, springing Lim cow at £1250, springing Lim heifer at £1250, Kinawley producer springing AA cow at £1380, springing Sim cow at £1300, springing Lim cow at £1300, springing Lim cow at £1270.

Heifers: Beef lots sold to 210pk paid for a 570kg Ch at £1200. Medium weights from 190-228ppk paid for a 470kg Ch at £1070. Light weights from 194-238 for a 380kg Ch at £905.

Macken producer Ch 570kg at £1200, Ch 520kg at £1120, Ch 510kg at £1100, Ch 495kg at £1065, Newtownbutler producer Ch 560kg at £1145, Ch 540kg at £1125, Bellanaleck producer Ch 515kg at £1120, Irvinestown producer Ch 560kg at £1165, Rosslea producer Ch 480kg at £1045, Ch 450kg at £1000, Derrylin producer Ch 470kg at £1070, Ch 445kg at £990, Ch 440kg at £940.

Fat cows: Dunngannon producer Ch 670kg bull at £1200, Garrison producer Ch 718kg at £1195, Kesh producer Ch 670kg at £1095, Roscor producer Lim 800kg at £1170, Newtownbutler producer Lim 70kg at £1140.