Good steady demand for cattle at Clogher

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Another large entry of 1234 cattle came under the hammer at Clogher Mart on Saturday, 3rd November producing a good steady demand for quality lots in all sections; plainer cattle would be easier.

In the Fatstock Ring 402 lots listed sold readily with Beef Cows selling to £1484-20 for a 820kg Daq. at £181 per 100kg followed by a 820kg B/B. at £161 totalling £1320-20. Cow Heifers sold to £1254 for a 660kg B/B. at £190 totalling £1254 followed by a top price of £202 per 100kg for a 570kg Ch. selling to £1151-40. Fleshy Friesian Cows sold to £117 per 100kg Fat Bulls sold to £127 per 100kg for a 940kg Lim. Fat Steers O/Age sold to £190 for a 760kg Lim. Fat Steers U/A ge sold to £184 for a 530kg Lim. Fat Heifers U/Age sold to £217 for a 680kg Lim.

LEADING PRICES IN FATSTOCK RING FOR BEEF COWS & COW HEIFERS AS FOLLOWS: Middletown Producer 570kg B/B. to £202 (£1151-40) Rosslea Producer 660kg B/B. to 3190 (£1254) Beragh Producer 570kg Lim. to £190 (£1083) Warrentpoint Producer 590kg B/B. to £188. Sixmilecross Producer 460kg Ch. to £188. Augher Producer 650kg B/B TO £187 (£1215-50) Dungannon Producer 820kg Daq. To £181 (£1484-20) Clogher Producer 730kg B/B. to £177 (£1292-10) Augher Producer 720kg Ch. to £175. Middletown Producer 670kg Lim. to £169. Dromore Producer 600kg Ch. to £168. Magheraveely Producer 510kg Her. to £168, 520kg Lim. to £167 and 490kg Her. to £166. Armagh Producer 720kg Lim. to £167. Leggs Producer 640kg AA. to £166. Beragh Producer 650kg Lim. to £165. Magherafelt Producer 500kg Lim. to £162. Cookstown Producer 820kg B/B. to £161 Armagh Producer 630kg B/B. to £160.

Other quality lots sold from £130 to £158 per 100kg

2nd quality lots sold from £110 to £126 per 100kg

Fleshed Friesian Cows sold from £112 to £117 per 100kg

Plainer lots sold from £80 to £106 per 100kg

Poorer types sold from £50 to £74 per 100kg

FAT BULLS: 940kg Lim. to £127. 940kg Lim. to £126. 860kg AA. to £126. 920kg Lim. to £124. 900kg Ch. to £117. 1040kg Ch. to £114. 810kg Lim. to £112. 920kg Her. to £109. 900kg Ch. to £108. 900kg Hol. To £90.

FAT STEERS O/Age: 760kg Lim. to £190. 690kg Ch. to £184. 730kg Lim. to £181. 570kg Ch. to £174. 580kg Daq. To £168. Friesian Steers sold from £112 to £130 per 100kg

FAT STEERS U/Age: 530kg Lim. to £184. 480kg Lim. to £184. 640kg AA. to £180. 640kg Lim. to 3170. 550kg Lim. to £162. 610kg Ch. to £152. 600kg Ch. to £152 twice. 560kg Ch. to £152. Friesian Steers sold from £130 to £137 per 100kg

FAT HEIFERS U/Age: 80kg Lim. to £217. 530kg Par. To £210. 520kg Ch. to £194. 640kg Ch. to £169. 450kg Ch. to £168. 560kg S/H. to £166. 560kg S/H. to £150. 630kg Her. to £150.

STORE BULLOCKS (290): A strong demand in this section with forward lots selling to £1575 for a 810kg Ch. (£194) and 750kg Ch. to £1465 for a Magheraveely. A Fearon, Dungannon 790kg Daq. To £1545 (£195) M Campbell, Armagh 760kg Lim. to £1500 (£197) 720kg Lim. to £1430, and 680kg Lim. to £1360. D M Sloane, Caledon 780kg Ch. to £1475. M McAnenley, Ballygawley 820kg Ch. to £1470 and 710kg Ch. to £1365. Roy Hall, Fivemiletown 780kg Ch. to £1435, 680kg Ch. to £1435 (£211) 710kg Lim. to £1400 and 650kg Ch. to £1350.T McGleenan, Dungannon 700kg Ch. to £1400 and 740kg Ch. to £1390. W J Robinson, Clogher 700kg Ch. to £1380 and 720kg Ch. to £1375. B McGahan, Dungannon 690kg Ch. to £1350. T Conlon, Newtownbutler 720kg Ch. to £1350. M McMurdie, Tynan 680kg Lim. to £1345.

MED WEIGHT STORES 410KG TO 500KG: Beechmount Farms Ltd, Moira 490kg Ch. to £1130 (£230) 500kg Lim. to £1100 (£220) 490kg Lim. to £1075 (£219 470kg Lim. to £1055 (£224) 500kg Ch. to £1050, 480kg Lim. to £1020, 490kg Sal. To £1005, 480kg AA. to £1000, and 490kg Sim. to £1000. R Robinson, Banbridge 500kg AA. to £1060 (£212) M McCaughey, Aughnacloy 490kg Lim. to £1045. K Lockhart, Dungannon 480kg Lim. to £1030. Altamuskin, Producer 440kg Ch. to £1025 (£233) and 490kg Lim. to £1025. R A Elliott, Dungannon 480kg Lim. to £1015. C Macgabhann, Armagh 440kg Ch. to £1015 (£231) and 480kg Lim. to £1005. D L Stinson, Dungannon 450kg Lim. to £1005 (£223) W H Harkness, Crumlin 480kg Lim. to £1005. M/S H F & V Murray, Moneymore 460kg Lim. to £1000.

STORE HEIFERS: A brisk demand in this section with forward lots selling to £1230 for a 610kg Ch. (£201) 600kg Lim. to 31100, 570kg Ch. to £1085, and 570kg Lim. to £1050 for F G O Neill, Dungannon. T A Gardiner, Armagh 610kg Ch. to £1200 (£197) and 630kg Ch. to £1200. E Mullan, Aughnacloy 630kg Sim. to £1155. G McMahon, Warrentpoint 590kg B/B. to £1125. P F Curry, Benburb 600kg Ch. to £1105. P T Loughrian Jun, Cookstown 500kg AA. to £1045 (£209), H McClure, Fivemiletown 590kg Ch. to £1035, 550kg Ch. to £1015, and 510kg Ch. to £1000. A McCrory, Pomeroy 5100kg B/B. to £1015. E Hackett, Ballygawley 520kg Ch. to £1010, 530kg Ch. to £1010, and 510kg Ch. to £1000.

MED WEIGHT STORES 410KG TO 500KG: R Hogg, Fivemiletown 500kg Ch. to £1035 (£207) 480kg Ch. to £950, 460kg Ch. to £940, 480kg Ch. to £905,and 450kg Lim. to £900. H McClure, Fivemiletown 480kg B/B. to £1000 (£208) 480kg Ch. to £985, and 460kg Ch. to £900. G McMahon, Warrenpoint 490kg B/B. to £980. M Hackett, Augher 460kg Ch. to £960 (£208), A McCrory, Pomeroy 480kg Ch. to £950. E Hackett, Ballygawley 450kg Ch. to £945 (£210) 440kg Ch. to £925 (£210) 470kg Ch. to £920, and 480kg Ch. to £905. P Quinn, Dungannon 490kg Ch. to £890. M & P Gleeson, Lisnaskea 460kg Ch. to £885. M/S H F & V Murray, Moneymore 490kg Ch. to £880. M/S A & A Armstrong, Tempo 430kg Ch. to £880.

SMALLER SORTS 400KG & UNDER: M Hackett, Augher 390kg Ch. to £855 (£219), P A Curry, Benburb 400kg Lim. to £801 (£201), J Hackett, Omagh 390kg Ch. to £800. A T Martin, Derrylin 400kg Lim. to £800. M & P Gleeson, Lisnaskea 400kg Ch. to £800, 390kg Ch. to £750, 380kg Sim. to £675, and 380kg Ch. to £670. K Irvine, Lisbellaw 380kg Ch. to £645.

WEANLINGS (182): A very keen demand in this section with Steers & Bulls selling to £1020 for a 490kg Ch. (£208) 350kg Ch. to £825 (£236) and 310kg Ch. to £820 (£264) for G McDonnell, Ederney. J McGarvey, Cookstown 450kg Ch. to £960 (£213) 380kg Ch. to £880, and 430kg Her. to £850. D J Primrose, Fivemiletown 410kg Ch. to £950 (£232), R Douglas, Portadown 480kg B/B. to £940 and 430kg Ch. to £880. G Curran, Brookeborough 450kg Ch. to £920 (£204), P McCrory, Garvaghey 360kg Ch. to £900 (£250) and 320kg Ch. to £820 (£256), M Hackett, Augher 450kg AA. to £895 390kg AA, to £870, and 410kg AA. to £850. P O’Kane, Cookstown 420kg Lim. to £890. H Crawford, Newtownbutler 400kg Lim. to £885 and 360kg Lim. to £830. T McDermot, Cooneen 380kg Ch. to £870. B Donaghy, Cappagh 370kg AA. to £850.

WEANLING HEIFERS: J McAvoy, Portadown 500kg Lim. to £1070 (£214) and 430kg Lim. to £920 (£214), W Bingham, Downpatrick 430kg Lim. to £950 (£221) 460kg Lim. to £900, and 380kg Ch. to £810. G Curran, Brookeborough 460kg Ch. to £825. T F Taylor, Derrylin 330kg Ch. to £790 (£239), H Crawford, Newtownbutler 360kg Lim. to £780, and 370kg Lim. to £755. J McGarvey, Cookstown 320kg Ch. to £780, 290kg Ch. to £755 and 330kg Ch. to £710. P McCrory, Garvaghey 290kg Ch. to £775 (£267) 310kg Ch. to £740 (£239) 260kg Ch. to £735 (£282) and 280kg CH. to £730 (£261), P O’Kane, Cookstown 400kg Lim. to £750. J McKernan, Omagh 300kg Ch. top £720 (£240), K McGarvey, Beragh 280kg Lim. to £700 (£250) and 260kg Lim. top £700 (£269)

DAIRY COWS & HEIFERS: A good steady demand in this section with an Armagh Producer selling Calved Heifers to £1820, £1580, and £1200. Wm. Loughrin, Caledon £1790, and £1710 for Calved Heifers.

BREEDING BULLS: R M Hamilton £1400 and £1200 for two young Ped Reg. Herefords ready for work.

SUCKLER COWS & CALVES: A very strong demand in this section for quality lots with Patk Crawley, Cookstown selling Heifers with steer calves at foot to make £2400 and £2160. W Jeffers, Cookstown sold a heifer with bull calf to £1805. J O Rourke, Lisnaskea £1555 for 2013 Cow & Bull Calf. A good entry of incalf cows & Heifers sold to £1300 for a Clogher Producer. P Dobbs, Carrickmore £1275, £1255, 1145, £1060. And £950. A McCrory, Pomeroy £1255, £1210, £1180, and £1085. Others selling from £720.

DROPPED CALVES & REARED CALVES: There was a large entry in this section selling to a firm demand with Bull Calves (under 2 months) selling to £450 for a Lim. for D & J Allen, Portadown. Frazer Livestock, Armagh £435 for Lim. E Conroy, Killyman £420 for Ch. M Reynolds, Armagh £340 and £335 for Chars. E Crawford, Stewartstown £310 and £290 for AAs. J Teague, Dromore £310 for Sim. C & H Brownlee, Florencecourt £305 for B/B. R Moore, Cornafanogue £300 for AA. M McGinley, Eskra £270 for Her.

HEIFER CALVES: D & J Allen, Portadown £545 for Ch. E Conroy, Killyman £440 for Ch. K Irvine, Lisbellaw £370 for AA. Rosslea Producer £365, £360, and £345 for Chars. Lisbellaw Producer £340 and £330 for Limms. Clogher Producer £325 twice and £310 for Simms. E Crawford, Stewartstown £260 for AA.

REARED BULLS: M McCanny, Dromore £700 and £630 for Chars. T Hughes, Carrickmore £700 for Lim. D E Lockhart, Aughnacloy £675, £665, £600, £550 and £535 for Simms. J Cassidy, Kinawley £675 twice, £600, and £590 for Limms. Mountview Cattle, Dungannon £665 for Lim. Lisbellaw Producer £660 for Daq. Ballygawley Producer £650 and £550 for AAs. A Crawford, Fintona £550 for Ch.

REARED HEIFERS: M Owens, Maguiresbridge £735, £645, and £640 for Simms. W Jeffers, Cookstown £715 for Ch. A G McGovern, Fivemiletown £650 for Ch. K O Talbot, Coalisland £620 for B/B. K McGarvey, Beragh £565 for Lim. J Cassidy, Kinawley £565, £555, £545 and £500 for Limms. M McCanny, Dromore £550, £520 and £510 for Chars.