Gortin Mart: Exceptional prices paid for lambs

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Exceptional prices for lambs on Monday at Gortin Mart with prices topping £110 for 25kg.

Strong demand also for fat ewes as they sold to £95 and ewes and lambs sold to £212.

FAT LAMBS: W Campbell £110/25kg, Robert McAdoo £108/31kg, Michael Burke £107/24kg, McFarland £107/23kg, Cathal Shivers £107/27kg, Johnathon Hayes £106/25kg, Henry Wilson £105.50/25kg, G Quinn £105/24kg, Ivor Clarke £105/23kg, William Irvine £105/24kg, Sean Brogan £104.50/25kg, Robert Henry £104/23kg, M Burke £104, Kenneth Hopper £103/23kg, Jim McClean £103/22kg, K and G Pinkerton £101/21kg, Adrian Hamilton £101/21kg, David Love £100.80/22kg, James O’Hagan £100/24kg, Ivor Clarke £100/21kg, F Mark £100/22kg, £99.80/21kg, £99.50/25kg, £99.50/25kg, £99.50/24kg, W Glasgow £99.80/21kg, P and M Mullan £99/21kg, David Hutchinson £97/21kg, William Irvine £96, Ben Elliott £95.50/21kg, Cathal Shivers £95/20kg, Edna Cartwright £94.50/26kg, £94.50/24kg, Sean McSwiggan £92.50/24kg, 390/27kg.

FAT EWES: Mullans Farm £95, kennedy Hunter £86, David Glasgow £85, £85, James Chivers £81.50, Sean Brogan £80, Niall Carlin £80, Kennedy Hunter £77, Reid Clarke £76, Malachy Nicholas £75, Seamus Ward £74, Michael McCullagh £73, Edna Cartwright £7, Victor Loughlin £70, Cathal Shivers £70, Ivor Clarke £68.

EWES & LAMBS: Michael McGlade £212, £208, £182, Francis Cushenan £200, £195, Brian Thompson £190, Ben Elliott £165, M McGurk £165, Gerard O’Neill £160, Brian Thompson £155, £155, S Loughlin £152, Brian Thompson £135, Gerard O’Neill £138, £135, Brian McCord £130, Brian Thompson £128, £125, S Loughlin £115.