Gortin Mart: Lambs sell to £100 for 24kg

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At Gortin Mart there was a firm trade with lambs selling to £100/24kg, ewes selling to £110 and ewes and lambs to £162.

S Rankin £100/24kg, David Forsyth £100/32kg, Gerard Devenney £98/32kg, S Harpur £95/24kg, Patrick Hegarty £95/26kg, Kiernan McGrath £94.50/24kg, S Rankin £94/23kg, K McGrath £92.80/22kg, £92.80/22kg, David Hempton £91.50/23kg, Christine Brannigan £91/24kg, Cathal Conway £91/24kg, Henry Wilson £90.50/23kg, John O’Donnell £90.50/23kg, Richard Doherty £90.20/23kg, Derek Kerr £90/23kg, Michael Conway £90/23kg, Mark Campton £89/22kg, J and R Buchanan £88.50/22kg, M Campton £88/22kg, Peter Mulholland £87.20/22kg, Cahal Conway £87/23kg.

FAT EWES: Ewelw Steele £110, £108, £100, £98,£90, Allan Speer £91, Desmond McElrea £90, Elizabeth Dowling £90, J and H Foster £87, Allan Speer £87, £79.50, J Martin £86, David McFarland £85, Damien Gallagher £80.50, Colm McCullagh £78, R Christie £78, £76, Paul McCartan £76, Eamon McBrien £76, Joseph Kerlin £75, Eamon McBrien £70, Patrick Hegarty £70.

EWES & LAMBS: Dermot Conway £162, £140 J Sawyers £125, £120, Eamon McBrien £110, James O’Hagan £108.