Gortin Mart: Strong trade remains for fat lambs

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Fat lambs remained a strong trade selling to £100 on Monday (November 27th).

Prices as follows:


J Young £100/33kg, Kevin McMenamin £93/27kg, Jordan Speer £92/27kg, Charles Sproule £91/26kg, Michael Hamilton £90/25kg, R and C McCullagh £90/24kg, Chris McAweaney £90/25kg, Francis Bradley £90/25kg, P Burke £89.80/26kg, M Burke £89.80/26kg, John Beattie £89.5/25kg, Donald Fleming £89.5/25kg, David Hempton £89.50/26kg, Dennis Calvert £89/26kg, Darren Reid £88.80/25kg, Robert Stark £88.50/24kg, John Conway £88/28kg, A Hamilton £88/24kg, Jonathan Taylor £87/24kg, David Hutchinson £87/24kg, Robert Rutledge £87/25kg, Denis Calvert £87/25kg and S Porter £87/23kg.


N and S Loughlin £76.50, Daniel Ward £76, Andy Ballantine £75.50, Robert Rutledge £74, Caroline Ballantine £74, Eoin Ward £73, Charles Sproule £72.50, Raymond McTeague £71, King Farms £68, J Clarke £68, N and S Loughlin £67, John Beattie £60 and William Morris £59.50.


Bernard Clarke £80, £80, Sean Brogan £74.50, Charles Beattie £69 and Caroline Beattie £60.