Great demand for all types of cattle at Pomeroy

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Another full yard of stock seling to great demand at Pomeroy Mart.

Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Brian Ward £905/470kg, Austin O’Kane £900/400kg, £870/400kg, £805/360kg, £800/370kg, £800/330kg, £800/360kg, £780/360kg, £770/300kg, £760/300kg, £700/380kg, Ian and Rosemary Brownlee £900/450kg, Aidan Ward £86/380kg, D and I Murphy £690/270kg, Bernard Ward £520/420kg, £455/380kg, Edward Ferry £480/300kg.

HEIFERS: D Jefferson £1470, Ryan Murphy £985/490kg, T and S McKenna £975/450kg, £860/410kg, Ryan Murphy £960/470kg, £950/450kg, £945/460kg, £900/440kg, Stephen and Roisin McGurk £900/430kg,£900/430kg, Austin O’Kane £770/350kg, Iand and Rosemary £725/380kg, £700/330kg, £700/360kg, £700/340kg, T and S McKenna £700/380kg, Austin O’Kane £690/330kg, £680/340kg, £660kg/, Stephen and Roisin McGurk £640/690kg, Ian Beownlee £615/300kg, £605/320kg, £600/320kg, £565/290kg, Edward Ferry £520/300kg, £515/280kg, £500/280kg.