Great demand for all types of stock at Pomeroy

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A packed ringside filled Pomeroy mart on Thursday. There was great demand on all types of stock.

Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: James Donaghey £1065/500kg, £1055/540kg. £1000/480kg, £975/490kg, W Spence £990/430kg, £940/460kg, £910/440kg, Francis Donaghey £875/430kg, Peter Quinn £860/390kg, £850/360KG,£800/400kg, Sean Brogan £860/420kg, G Haughey £840/400kg, Joseph Heagney £815/350kg, Christopher Meenagh £775/340kg, Joseph Heagney £770/320kg, £765/340kg, Frank Corr £760/290kg, G Haughey £760/320kg, Mary Donaghey £755/290kg, David Hutchinson £755/340kg, B Quinn £750/300kg, Michael Meenagh £740/330kg, David Hutchinson £740/350kg.

HEIFERS: Finbar Conway £1020/780kg, Daryl Gillespie £1000, £970, Eric McIvor £1000, Sean Brogan £945/450kg, Peter Quinn £890/450kg, £830/430kg, £800/430kg, £765/370kg, Barry Campbell £865/430kg, Francis Donaghey £775/380kg, Damien Strain £765/410kg, David Hutchinson £765/360kg, Sean Brogan £760/390kg,£710/380kg, Peter Quinn £760/380kg, Barry Campbell £725/390kg, £710/300kg, James Hagan £710/290kg, Joseph Heagney £700/290kg.