Great demand on store lambs at Gortin Mart

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A full yard of stock at Gortin Mart this week.

Lambs remained at a steady trade.

Great demand on store lambs.

Prices as follows:

FAT LAMBS: Kenny Preston £120/27kg, Sean Daly £97/26kg, Derek Kerr £97/29kg, Robert McAdoo £96/28kg, John McSorley £95.50/21kg, Joseph Rosborough £95/29kg, £92/25kg, Sam Hughes £94/24kg, David Hempton £91.80/24kg, Mark Rosborough £91.50/24kg, Gary Breen £91.50/24kg, W Campbell £91/24kg, Robert McAdoo £91/22kg, Fred Doherty £91/23kg, K Woods £90.50/23kg, Nuala and Raymond Thom £90/23kg, Pat McCrory £90/23kg, Eugene Kelly £90/23kg, Sarah Rosborough £90/22kg, P Devine £90/23kg, S Patterson £90/24kg, Derek Kerr £90/22kg, F and S Conway £90/23kg, E Mullin £89.80/22kg.

BREEDING HOGGETS: R and J Robinson £171, £154, £150.

FAR EWES: Peter O’Neill £103, £90, E Steele £87, F and S Conway £87, Francis McBride £85, John Kerlin £81.50, CDevine £81, Eugene Kelly £80, Peter Keenan £80, Eugene Kelly £80, James Chivers £80, Gary Breen £80, Allan Sper £78, Peter Carland £72, Aaron Campbell £71, Peter Keenan £70, E Steele £70.