Great offering of stock at Fivemiletown Mart

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The annual show of wintered suckled calves at Fivemiletown Mart was held on Friday with a great offering of quality stock which sold to an outstanding trade.

The show was generously sponsored by the Fivemiletown Farm Shop and Beattie’s Spar, Fivemiletown.

The following a brief report: Chris Johnston, Fivemiletown won the championship and Richard’s Perpetual Cup with a Lim heifer 335kg which sold for £950. D Wilson, Clabby had the reserve champion with a Char bull £950/340kg.

Other prizewinners: Bullocks - Second prize D Wilson, Clabby, Lim £910/360 kg. Third prize M McElwaine, Fivemiletown, Char £875/325 kg.

HEIFERS – Second prize P Irwin, Tempo, Char £740/280kg. Third prize, B Cassidy, Rosslea, Char £740/255kg.

Other prices: BULLOCKS/BULLS – C Cassidy, Rosslea, Char £950/340kg. S Mellon, Fintona, Char £940/365kg. A Wilson, Lisnaskea, Lim £805/370kg, £770/380kg, £695/340kg, £890/405kg. E McGrade, Trillick, Char £795/300kg, £770/290kg, £780/300kg, £750/290kg. L Duncan, Tempo, AA £840/370kg, £725/300kg, £610/240kg. J Foy, Rosslea, Char £750/340 kg, £700/280kg. B Cassidy, Rosslea, Char £750/280kg. B Hanna, Rosslea, AA £690/300kg, Daq £715/300kg. H Clerkin, Rosslea, Char £775/340kg, £755/320kg. D Mayne, Fivemiletown, AA £730/340kg, £670/280kg £630/285kg. D Wilson, Clabby, Lim £865/380kg, £755/310kg. A Hanna, Irvinestown, Lim £725/290kg, £630/260kg, £645/300kg. J Foy, Rosslea, Char £700/280kg.

HEIFERS – D Johnston, Fivemiletown, Lim £940/365kg, £915/340kg. B O’Rourke, Rosslea, Char £870/280kg. E McGrade, Trillick, Char £690/280kg, £705/360kg. D McGovern, Clogher, Char £765/360kg, £745/360kg. L Moffatt, Enniskillen, Char £795/370kg, £730/380kg. D Wilson, Clabby, Lim £900/340kg, £890/330kg. A Wiltshire, Fivemiletown, Lim £765/320kg, £630/320kg.

STORE BULLOCKS – P McPhilips, Fintona, Char £960/440kg. L McCutcheon, Clabby, Char £960/500kg, £875/400kg. J Hanna, Fivemiletown, Char £1,000/460 kg, £635/300kg. B McCarney, Fintona, Char £940/450kg. HEIFERS – P McPhillips, Fintona, Lim £925/470kg, Char £840/420kg, Lim £740/430 kg. L McCutcheon, Clabby, Char £725/395kg.