Great turnout for stock at Pomeroy Mart

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A great turnout of stock sold to a swift trade at Pomeroy Mart.

Prices as follows:


Michael Hollywood £1,050/450kg, Dermot Nugent £985/510kg, £970/480kg, £920/420kg, £900/460kg, Kevin Donaghy £945/430kg, £870/350kg, Ian Brownlee £920/420kg, £885/380kg, Brendan Conlon £875/410kg, £870/390kg, Pearse Rafferty £860/460kg, Brendon Conlon £860/460kg, £850/430kg, £845/440kg, £845/420kg, £800/400kg, £800/440kg, £775/410kg, R Boyd £860/420kg, Joseph Heagney £845/370kg, Ian Brownlee £800/400kg, R Boyd £800/420kg.


Dermot Nugent £930/470kg, £8800/470kg, £870/480kg, Michael Hollywood £905/410kg, Pearse Rafferty £875/460kg, £860/430kg, £840/400kg, £835/420kg, Anthony McElduff £870/450kg, R Boyd £815/410kg, Thomas Donnelly £800/480kg, £730/420kg,£700/370kg, Pearse Rafferty £800/430kg, Michael Hollywood £780/470kg, Sean Ward £730/400kg, Joseph Heagney £725/360kg, Ian Brownlee £715/306kg, Finbar Conway £715/410kg, Anthony McElduff £700/430kg, £700/420kg, £680/370kg, R Boyd £680/380kg.